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Lincoln Southwest Graduation Demonstration Exams


All students attending Lincoln Public Schools are required to meet graduation demonstration requirements (GDRs) in Reading and Writing in order to graduate. The GDRs are focused on providing evidence a student has reached an expected high school level of achievement prior to graduation. These requirements are met through performance on the Reading Graduation Demonstration Exam (RGDE) and, in the case of the Writing, now met through successful completion of the student’s required English courses.

Through specified course work, or by meeting a requirement defined in a student’s IEP, students have their first opportunity to meet these requirements in 9th grade through performance on the RGDE. At Southwest all 9th graders who did not previously meet the RGDE requirement (see below) participate in one administration of the Reading Graduation Demonstration Exam during first semester. Students who do not pass the exam retake it in semester 2 and subsequent years, until the exam standard is met or a student meets the demonstrations through other means.

Incoming 9th graders may meet the RGDE requirement by way of the following:

1- NeSA-R scale score 100+ in 7th & 8th (or) “exceeds” in 8th


2- NeSA-R scale score 100+ in 8th &  ITBS score 60+ in 7th Grade


Information and Test-Taking tips specific to the RGDE may be found HERE.