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Lincoln Southwest Advanced Placement (AP) Assessment


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The AP Program currently offers more than 30 courses across multiple subject areas (See the LSW AP Course-Offering List below). Each course is developed by a committee composed of college faculty and AP teachers, and covers the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in the corresponding college course.

AP courses are taught by highly qualified high school teachers who use the AP Course Descriptions to guide them. The Course Description for each discipline outlines the course content, describes the curricular goals of the subject, and provides sample examination questions. While the Course Descriptions are a significant source of information about the course content on which the AP Exams will be based, AP teachers have the flexibility to determine how this content is presented. Published in the spring of the school year before the course will be taught, the Course Descriptions are available in this section of AP Central, accompanied by a course perspective written by an experienced AP teacher. These perspectives represent the personal viewpoints and teaching styles of their authors; however, we hope they will provide insight and inspiration for other educators.

The Exams:
The AP Examinations are administered each year in May and represent the culmination of college-level work in a given discipline in a secondary school setting. Rigorously developed by committees of college and AP high school faculty, the AP Exams test students’ ability to perform at a college level.

Development Committees meet throughout the year to create new exams, which each contain a free-response section (either essay or problem solving) and a section of multiple-choice questions. (The only subject that does not follow this format is AP Studio Art, which is a portfolio assessment.) The world language exams also have a speaking component, and the AP Music Theory Exam includes a sight-singing task. The multiple-choice questions are scored by computer, while the free-response portions are evaluated by a team of skilled college professors and high school teachers who meet annually to score exams in their subject area. The involvement of college faculty at all levels of exam development and scoring ensures that the AP Exams truly reflect college-level achievement. Students who perform well can receive course credit and/or advanced standing at thousands of universities worldwide.

AP Courses Offered at LSW:

AP Biology
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Diff Calculus
AP French Language
AP Govt. & Politics
AP Human Geography
AP Japanese Language
AP Lit/Comp
AP Lang/Comp
AP Macro Economics
AP Physics
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP US History
AP World History

* Bold/Italicized courses denote Nebraska Wesleyan Honors Academy or SCC Dual Credit.


LSW Offers College Credit

Lincoln Southwest offers several courses concurrently with the Nebraska Wesleyan Honors Academy. The Honors Academy is a program that allows students to earn college credit for successfully completing approved Advanced Placement (AP) or honors-level courses through their high school. Students are concurrently enrolled in high school and college, and receive credit toward graduation from both institutions.

Registering for Honors Academy

Registration materials are mailed to Honors Academy faculty in mid-September for distribution in their classrooms. Students may then register for fall or two-semester courses. Registration for spring-only courses will take place following the holiday break in December-January. Registration and drop deadlines for all courses are listed on the individual course registration forms.

Transferring Credit

Students who successfully complete their courses receive a grade on a Nebraska Wesleyan University transcript and credit toward a degree at Nebraska Wesleyan. Additionally, Honors Academy credit has been accepted by over 85 institutions; however, acceptance of credit is always subject to the policies of the receiving institution. Interested students should check with the registrar at the institutions they are considering attending to find out whether Honors Academy credits are accepted.