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Instrumental Groups

Instrumental Music at Pound…

Instrumental Music Staff/Curriculum Goals

  Amy Gammel ( – 6th grade band

Ian Wright ( – 6th, 7th, 8th Strings

   Scott Vicroy ( – 7th & 8th grade band

Grade 6
Students continue weekly lessons meeting in groups of 4-6 students of like instruments for 52 minute lessons. Full ensemble rehearsals are held once a week outside of the school day. Basic musical concepts are expanded. Students work to expand range to include 7 major scales Students are re-introduced to music theory concepts as well.  Students perform in concerts each semester as well as in all-city events. Students may also choose to have their first jazz ensemble experience. Development of good musical habits is constantly encouraged.

Grade 7
7th grade students meet as a class everyday for 52 minutes. 7th grade bands students are divided into two classes: usually by instrument. Students are graded on practice and progress. They are exposed to music theory and music concepts in much greater depth.

Grade 8
8th grade students continue developing and refining their musical skills and concepts working regularly in all 12 keys in both major & minor modes. Blues scales are also introduced along with more in depth jazz studies. We work to build confidence in playing abilities and explore post middle school musical opportunities.