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I N S T R U M E N T A L   M U S I C   G R A D I N G

Developing musical skills is a never-ending process. Grades merely represent a “snapshot” of where we are at any given time in the process.

Each grading period your student will be receiving grades in three areas:

  1. Academic Performance
  2. Work/Study Habits
  3. Social/Behavioral Skills

1. The “Academic Performance” grade in 7th and 8th grade instrumental music classes will be a letter grade and will be based on progress of the mastery of certain skills. A skill is considered “mastered” when the skill can be performed consistently, not only today, but also consistently in the future. These skills will be assessed in a variety of ways including:

  1. Playing tests – over technical materials (scales, arpeggios and 3rds)
  2. Written tests – over terms and theory materials

Summative grades in band will be a record of the mastery of such skills. If a student has not mastered a skill by the end of one grading period, there’s nothing saying that it won’t be mastered in the next grading period.

We will again be using a computer program called: “SmartMusic” to help assess playing skills. This program is available for use anytime here at school in practice rooms. The same software is available for purchase at home allowing students to perform their playing tests at home and “submitting” them to me “on-line.” A computer with an internet connection is required for home use of this software. A “Home Subscription” of SmartMusic is available to Pound students at a discounted rate of $30.60 for the entire year.

 About Practice:

There is a very high correlation between practice and progress; THERE IS NO PROGRESS WITHOUT PRACTICE!

2. Outside class practice/preparation will now be reflected under the “Work/Study Habits” portion of the grade report. Students striving for a grade of a “Com” (Commendable) in this area must accumulate 210 minutes or more of practice in a three-week grading period. This must be recorded on a practice sheet, signed by a parent and turned in. (unsigned practice sheets will not be accepted)

Students are expected to get into a regular practice routine and are highly encouraged to take their instrument home to practice during the week as well as each weekend.

3. Effort and Behavior in class will now be reflected in the “Social/Behavioral Skills” section of the grade report. Students striving for a grade of a “Com” (Commendable) in this area are expected to demonstrate maximum effort at all times.