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Pound Building Expectations

Be Safe          Be Respectful           Be Responsible

Class Guideline:  Respect other students, their instruments, and school property.

Class Philosophy: Strive for excellence every day. Be better today than you were yesterday. The only reason to play music is because it is fun. The better you are the more fun it is. It takes hard work to reach the level of excellence I think we can reach. The performances will always be more fun than the work, but I guarantee it will be worth it.

Food:  NO GUM, food, candy, or other nuisance items allowed in this room. This is one of the nicest rooms in the district – let’s take care of it!

Instruments:  You are responsible for having your own instrument at school each day in good working condition. If you forget your instrument, you will need to make up the time. You may either stay after school 52 minutes OR you may make up the time practicing at home. You have two days to complete this by bringing a signed note that you have practiced for the 52 minutes.

Talking:  When Mr. Vicroy, or anyone is at the podium, THERE IS NO TALKING! When they move away from the podium area, you may converse quietly. Two taps of the baton on the stand is your signal that it is time to stop all conversations.

Manners:  Students are expected to show good  classroom manners which includes raising your hand and then waiting to be called upon to talk or ask questions.

Tardies:  You are expected to be in the classroom preparing for class before the starting time of class. If not, you are tardy. My tardy policy is 15 minutes plus the amount of tardy time after school. Further tardies will follow school tardy policy.

Attendance:  We are a performance class, therefore attendance is required at all performances unless prior arrangements have been made.

Concert Attire:  When we perform, we wear our band shirts. Jazz Band I will wear all black.