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Commonly Asked Questions

1. Will I need my instrument every day?

Answer: Unless told otherwise, plan to have your instrument at school every day.


2. Do I have to take my instrument home every night to practice?

Answer: We do a great deal of practicing in class every day – however, regular home practice is highly encouraged. Instruments are expected to go home on weekends and over quarter/holiday breaks.


3. Do we have tests in instrumental music?

Answer: Yes, you will have playing tests and a variety of written assignments in this class.


4. Am I graded on how well I play my instrument in this class?

Answer: Your playing skills are only a portion of your grade. Other factors include: progress, effort, practice & your written work.


5. How many concerts will we have this year?

Answer: Each class will have at least two concerts. There are other performance opportunities as well.


6. Will my instrument be safe if I leave it at school?

Answer: Instruments may be stored in lockable lockers in the instrumental music room for safe keeping during the week. A lock will be provided.




7. When will Jazz Band start?

Answer: Jazz Band I (traditional instrumentation of more experienced players) will begin 2nd quarter. Jazz Band II (open to anyone) will begin 2nd semester.


8. What will I need?

Answer: You can check the music web page to see a list of the suggested equipment you should have. NOTE: percussionists are recommended to have a stick bag.