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General Information …

7th/8th Grade – General Information

The 7th Grade Band is split into two separate classes:

Period 6 – Brass & Percussion

Period 7 – Woodwinds & Percussion

We will combine for concerts which will may require some after school rehearsals.

The 8th Grade Band is split into two separate classes:

Period 3

Period 4


Instrument Lockers.

Students may keep their instruments in a locker in the instrumental music room during the week. The school will provide a lock. You may not use personally owed locks on instrument lockers. Lost or damaged locks will cost the student $5.00 to replace.


Bringing instruments in before school.

Student are allowed to bring their instruments in before school and put them in their music locker and then go back out to the porch area.



With over 200 students in the instrumental program here at Pound, it is imperative that students’ names be clearly marked on their cases. Name tags are a must. I have very durable “Pound Middle School” name tags available for $4.00 but any type of name tag will do. Putting your name on a piece of tape does not last very long.



Students need to have access to a pencil in my class EVERY DAY! (We NEVER mark music in ink.). I will supply the first pencil at no charge.


Chair challenges

I am not a believer in competing for chair placement on a regular basis. We will have chair placements before concerts. I hear every student play individually during the quarter to help monitor the students’ musical progress.


School owned instruments

I have a limited supply of school instruments for student’s use. Students using these instruments will be responsible for maintenance and repair of these instruments, just as they would with their own instrument.



A Quick Note about Student Safety
No student will be allowed to leave a classroom without a pass. In addition, students will sign out on the clipboard before they leave and sign back in upon return to the room.