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Congrats 2020 LPS All-City Band Students!

Emma Glasgow, Vaishvika Balamurugan, Abby Buller, Olivia Eitzmann, Jenell Dynek, Chantelle Runyan, Carson Pierce, Mason Buller

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Jazz I 19/20

Congratulations Jazz I   2019/20

Rehearsals begin Wednesday, 9/11 7:00 am




Abby Buller – alto 1

Libby Driver – alto 2

Kyle Geschwender – alto 2

Jenell Dynek – tenor 1

Olivia Eitzmann – tenor 2

Ian Carlson – bari


Emma Glasgow 1

Mason Buller 1

Trevor Sulley 2

Trey Fenton 2

Cora Vander Woude 3

Max Fielder 3

Taylor Hatfield – Anson 4

Hayden Shoemaker 4


Chantelle Runyan 1

Max Heaston 2

Carson Pierce 3

Josiah Welch 3

Jay Schneider 4

Ben Moss 4


Jay Schneider – guitar

Trey Fenton – guitar

Leah McVey – piano

Cora Vander Woude – piano

Kalainey Nickel – bass

Asher Robinson – bass

Vaishvika Balamurugan – drums

Kolby Fischer – drums

Mason Buller  – drums

Ellie Braatz – drums



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It’s Time to Strike Up the Band!

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back to the start of 2019/20 school year! I am so excited to meet new students and see the “old” students I already know. I want to hear all about your summers!

One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is every year there is an opportunity for a new start.  A new part of our musical journey at Pound Middle School begins with a great new group of 7th and 8th grade students.  However, the part that never changes is our commitment  to excellence. The better we get, the more fun we have playing music!

Here’s to a great musical 2019/2020!!!

A few things about the first week of school:

  • You won’t need your instrument the first day.
  • We will hope to play by Thursday or Friday after assigning lockers/locks, folders, books, etc.
  • Get your instruments out and make sure they are in good working order; oil valves, get reeds, drum sticks ready, etc.

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Congratulations NSBA All-State Band!

Congratulations to the following students for their performance at NSBA All-State Band at UNL on Saturday, 3/2!

Dawson Dynek, Manishika Balamurugan, and Grace Reeder. Alexa Tannehill (not pictured) was an alternate for trombone.

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All-City Band 2018

Congratulations to Pound students participating in the LPS 8th Grade All-City Band!

L-R Trevor Horn, Nate Straube, Minishika Balamurugan, Preston Pierce, Sam Antinoro, Hailey Schroer, Rylee Lingenfelter, Grace Reeder, Alexa Tannehill, not pictured, Dawson Dynek

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Congratulations NSBA All-State Jazz Band!

Congratulations to Isabel Skare, Sophie Thompson, and Keaton Peters for their performance with the NSBA All-State Jazz Band Saturday, 1/13/18 at Kearney High School.

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Congratulations! Jazz I 2017/18

Congratulations!    Jazz I 2017/18 

First Rehearsal:  Wednesday, 9/13  7:00 am


Alto 1

  • Alex Kosmicki

Alto 2

  • Lucy Hall
  • Madison Cropp

Tenor 1

  • Jonah Morgan

Tenor 2

  • Camden Midgett


  • Ethan Kosman
  • Ariana Rouse



Tbn 1

  • Keaton Peters
  • Ryan Yakel

Tbn 2

  • Seth Goldsmith

Tbn 3

  • Jacob Fricke

Tbn 4

  • Alexa Tannehill
  • Trevor Horn



Tpt 1

  • Sophie Thompson
  • Isabel Skare

Tpt 2

  • Kade Wickham

Tpt 3

  • Dawson Dynek

Tpt 4

  • Addie Teet
  • Preston Pierce


Rhythm Section


  • Sam Michaelis
  • Hailey Schroer


  • Grahm Petersen
  • Louis Antinoro


  • Jamison Focht
  • Bret Crocker
  • Sam Antinoro


  • Alex Lee



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2017 NSBA All-State Band

Proud of these Pound students for their performance in the 2017 NSBA All-State Band.

Congratulations Anna Dirrim and Rachel Arens and all of the LPS students!

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LPS All-City Band

Congratulations to Alora Schneider, Tyler Vaughn, Kyle Jordan, Matea Jerkovic, Kale Barnett, Anna Dirrim, Rachel Arens, Jack Clark, Julia Rose, and Cameron Grabenstein for their performance as part of the 2017 LPS All-City Band!

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Pound Jazz I 2016/17

Congratulations to the following students that have been chosen to participate in Pound Jazz I!

Thank-you to all that auditioned. It was obvious there was a lot of time and effort spent preparing for the auditions. For those that did not get chosen, please consider participating in Jazz II which will start in January.


  • Matea Jerkovic  Alto 1
  • Samantha Roblyer  Alto 2
  • Taylor Rinne  Alto 2
  • Kyle Jordan  Tenor 1
  • Jonah Morgan Tenor 2
  • Gavin Addleman  Tenor 2
  • Tyler Vaughn  Bari


  • Jack Clark  Trpt 1
  • Julia Rose  Trpt 1
  • Sophie Thompson  Trpt 2
  • Isabella Skare  Trpt 2
  • Akasha Kidder  Trpt 3
  • Jayden Heimgartner  Trpt 4
  • Ryan Bahensky  Trpt 4


  • Cameron Grabentstein  Tbn 1
  • Andrew Gates  Tbn 1
  • Keaton Peters  Tbn 2
  • Ryan Yakel  Tbn 2
  • Vincent Fanders  Tbn 3
  • Asa Erickson Tbn 4


  • Alora Schneider  drums, piano
  • Jeffrey Wilson  drums
  • Jamison  Focht  drums
  • Deanna Lyons  bass
  • Graham Petersen  bass
  • Rachel Cloeter  piano


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