Fun Ranges (SACO):

This year the fun range will be featuring the famous SACO dueling trees and perhaps a 3D or two. The range is open to everyone and only costs $2 per person for the entire day (9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.).  Funds raised will be paid back to the schools winning the SACO Duels. “Tickets” are available at the Check-In area.SACO_Duel_RulesSACO Duels_Flyer


Food Options at State Tournament:

Along with the pizza at Defy Gravity and snacks near the check-in there are other nearby food options.  See the attached list for more info.Food Cheat Sheet2018


2018 Tournament T-Shirts:

A new twist this year.   Archers wanting a (free) 2018 tournament t-shirt will need to complete an online survey, with their parents/guardian, which can be found at  Please let your archers know and share the link with them.  The link will be active until 5:00 p.m. on Friday (3/23).  For those completing the online survey, their shirt will be waiting for them at the tournament.


Scoring Video:

Be sure all you archers are familiar with scoring as there has been some changes this year.  This video will help:


Equipment Check

All equipment used at the Tournament must be checked and approved for use.  Repairs and maintenance to equipment must take place prior to this. Stickers will be placed on bows to indicate acceptance for use.  For camouflage and other bows that may have sight marks, a special sticker will be applied to the face of the sight window.  We encourage coaches to be present when their archers’ equipment is being checked.


$3.00 Admission Fee

There will be an admission fee of $3.00 per person at this year’s State Tournament for those 10 years old and up.  Coaches and archers are exempt. This allows us to keep archer registration fees down and $1 will go towards expanding scholarships in future years.  Please let potential spectators know.