Welcome to the home page of the LPS School Social Workers. We have put together some resources that we believe will be helpful. You can download copies of our brochures and link to resources both in and outside the Lincoln area.

School Social Workers assist in making school a successful and relevant experience for ALL students. As a member of the educational team, School Social Workers work to strengthen bonds between the student, the home, the community and the school. School Social Workers work within the following three domains (the school, the home, and the community).

The School

Nurse, Psychologist, Administrator, Teacher, Counselor, Peers

The Home

Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Residential Treatment, Foster Home, Extended Family

The Community

Courts, Counseling Agencies, Law Enforcement, Housing, Neighborhoods, Health & Human Services, Child Protective Services, Community Service Agencies



Brenda Leggiadro
Coordinator, Counselors & School Social Workers
bleggia@lps.org | 402-436-1662

Russ Uhing
Director, Student Services
duhing@lps.org | 402-436-1650