Upcoming Events

2019-2020 Activities, Trainings, & Meeting Dates
Please click on the above link to view all SNRP activities for the 2019-2020 school year. Click on individual links below to view/print flyers and registration forms for the specific upcoming activities.

Virtual Transition Summit
Grades (2019-2020): 9-11

Presentations for the Virtual Transition Summit include:

  • May 28th: Amy Willman who is an avid traveler, Deaf professor of ASL at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and author of a published book will present from 7-9 pm.
  • June 4th: Will Parker, Jayden Jensen, and Barb Woodhead will be presenting about college life and how to access services at the college level from 2-4 pm. Will and Jayden are current college students and can answer any questions you may have about being a college student.
  • June 6th: There will be a panel of organizations to share their resources and knowledge from 2-4 pm.

Virtual Camp Anderson 2020
Dates: July 13-16, 2020
Grades: Post 5-High School Graduation
Registration Deadline: May 31st
Click here to register online for Camp Anderson

Virtual Deaf-Blind Summer Institute
Dates: July 9-10, 2020
For: Parents & Professionals
Registration Deadline: May 29th
Click here to register online for the Deaf-Blind Institute

Virtual Statewide Sign Language Skill Development Workshops
Dates: July 27-28, 2020
For: Interpreters, Teachers of the Deaf/HH, other related Professionals wanting to improve their sign language skill ability
Registration Deadline: July 1st
Click here to register online for the Statewide Workshops

Other Community Related Events:

NCDHH Virtual Interpreter Workshops with Presenter Dr. Sabrina Smith
Dates: July 17-18, 2020
Registration Deadline: July 10th