Hearing Our Way Magazine

Hearing Our Way magazine for kids and teens with hearing loss!

“Today, the field of deaf education is experiencing an exciting trend. Early identification, amplification, and intervention have all led to earlier mainstreaming for children with hearing loss to enter their public schools.

In fact, many of these children have spent little or no time in schools for the deaf, and therefore little or no time with other kids with hearing loss.

They may be one of few, if not the only child, with hearing loss in their home districts. This means that there has never been a more vital time for these children to have a point of connection to others with hearing loss.

Hearing Our Way is that point of connection. It is an opportunity for children and teens to not only read about but connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. It provides social and emotional support to overcome feelings of isolation that students may be experiencing.

Hearing Our Way’s mission is to teach children and teens with hearing loss to be proud and confident of their differences and to raise awareness about listening & spoken language and cochlear implants.”

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