New – resources for textbook – :http://www.g-wlearning.com/comprehensive/9781631262159/student/index.htm


Monday – 3/14/16 – 1st day of 4th term.  Today is Pi Day!  Pie ppt. NationalPieDay 1; Pie Crust Demo to show lab procedures, measuring, expectations; PIES folded paper get to know you as a person – Take a piece of paper, fold it into 4 sections, label each section with a letter to spell pies, p is for physical, i is for intellectual, e is emotional and s is social – list characteristics about yourself in each section with your name in the middle of the paper – share some of those qualities with the class; pie will be finished on Wednesday with additional demo.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YExaOHOifEc

Tuesday – 3/15/16  FACS Overview Timeline, Course Description, Standards/Benchmarks; FACS Overview Pre/Final Test – write answers on scantron sheet; ppt. from Docushare on Good Communication   FACS O Communication-1-1   ; Communication Guided notes to use with ppt.  FACS O communication notes-1 ;  Explain assignment:  Communications Assignment – Interview  FACS Interview Assignment-1 ;  Play:  Telephone Game Ideas:  Speaker_listener_game-2

Wednesday – You tube video:  10 Things You Didn’t know Your Microwave Could Do – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWdVeP-2-wk      1st lab:  Sugar Cookie Dough – Shamrock cookies for Thursday.  Communication assignment letter handed out for interviews – due next Wednesday 3/23.

Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day – 2nd lab Shamrock Shakes – Watch You tube:  St. Patrick’s Day Recipes – How to Make Shamrock Shake  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3G7ZEQz-UE  ; lab procedures covered;  How to use blender.  Finish shaping and baking shamrock cookies, coloring sugar.

Recipe for Shamrock Shake:  2 scoops (2 C.) vanilla ice cream, 1/4 t. mint extract, 9 drops green food coloring, 1 1/4 c. milk.  Add all ingredients to blender, pulse and blend.  Take large glass, swirl 1 T. chocolate syrup around in the glass, then pour shake in glass, add whipped cream on top and green colored sugar (make sugar in plastic bags with green food coloring), serve.

Friday – Finish unit on Communication.  Learn to sew bean bags, then use in Experience Communicating paper:  BeanBagExperience Communicating.  Work in pairs to make a bean bag, fill with wheat. Follow instructions on paper in large group.  Stop after 4 throws to record with your partner what happened referring to communication.  On separate sheet of paper make a mind map about communication using your notes, work with a partner.

Monday – 3/21 – Finish Communication quiz using your notes to write 6 main points about what we have learned on Communication last week.   New Unit:  Relationships begins today.  Ppt. on relationships with note paper FCSI Ch8 Relationships-1-1      FCS I relationship CA-3-2

Tuesday –  Types of Relationships Data Chart, Concept Analysis:  Concept – Relationships, Types of Relationships Data Chart with class discussion.

Wednesday – Prep lab for PEEPS  PEEPSmakingPresentation1   watch video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6RKxRst26E      Recipe:  http://www.bhg.com/recipe/candy/homemade-marshmallows/

Thursday – Finish PEEP lab  using Better Homes and Gardens recipe:  http://www.bhg.com/recipe/candy/homemade-marshmallows/        Communication Letter is due today!  Practice sewing basket bag.

Friday – No school

Monday – 3/28  Begin – Food, Nutrition and Wellness Unit.  Begin Fitness Challenge chart (keep in classroom)  Ch. 12 of textbook – pgs.  299-302  Read together, discuss   with Review questions pg. 303                     E-Flashcards:  http://www.g-wlearning.com/foodsandnutrition/9781631260001/student/ch01/eflashcard.htm

Tuesday -Fitness challenge chart; Nutrient Chart, Nutrient Functions

Wednesday – Mobile Lab:    http://www.choosemyplate.gov/MyPlate   go to the section on students – Answer the following questions on a 1/2 sheet of paper in the room:  1.  What is My Plate – write 3 main points in bullet form   2.  How are oils different from solid fats?    3.  Explain the health benefits of dairy.    4.  Name 3 tips to make wise choices about protein foods.   5.  Today is National Whole Grain Day, what foods are in the grain group?      6.  What grains could you add to your daily intake?

Today you will also have your nutrient food lab prep.  This will be completed on Friday.  Rice and Vegetables.

Thursday –  Read with class Nutrition section in textbook 13.3 pg. 339.  Go over Nutrition During Teen Years, Special Needs of Vegetarians, Sports Nutrition, Special Diets of Nutrition Needs.  Do Reading Review Questions 1-4 pg. 348 and also write terms/definitions from pg. 339.

Friday – Finish lab, serve.      Healthy ideas for breakfast and lunch:    www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6ehyV7kqv8

Monday – 4/4 – Demo – Making a pudding, tempering eggs  – finish French silk pie, begin Nutrient Chart note taking: Nutrient Chart

Tuesday – Finish Nutrient Chart notes.  Learn 360 Nutrition video – http://learn360.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=74352&loid=361861&tScript=0#   (2:13)          also use:  http://learn360.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=94157&loid=371809&tScript=0     on Sports Nutrition   (3:13)

Wednesday – Prep day and completion of lab:  healthy black bean brownies and applesauce blondies.

Nutrient Notes:

http://www.g-wlearning.com/foodsandnutrition/9781631260001/student/ch01/crossword.htm    – do crossword.  While using the  computer lab also do the Matching Term Drag:   http://www.g-wlearning.com/foodsandnutrition/9781631260001/student/ch01/matching.htm

Thursday – Eat brownies and applesauce blondies Applesauce Blondies;  watch dvd:  Recipe for Sucess, discussion questions, viewing guide and quiz.   Introduce Food Truck activity plans.

Friday – Food Truck ppt. and diagrams.  FoodTruckImagesDocument10     FoodTruckPresentation2    Begin design process.  Competition Lab – 2 sides of room.

Monday   4/11- Continue working on Food truck planning. Computer lab A220 to work on food truck ppt. At least 6 slides:  show a food truck similar to what you would have, 2 photos, other slides describe what your theme would be, main foods, menu, who does what jobs, hours open, possible locations, what you want to accomplish with this business.

Tuesday – Continue work on food truck plan, and begin presentations. Successful food trucks video (5:00)  youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXo3C_qZCwU      Another video on food trucks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eti5xAfUirA&ebc=ANyPxKpo_yM4r1ik3KXc7QMwfxT8kZ3pj1wGnypK3_86s9XVuZf71yVinRcvce7nEzOKKmz35SG4qvQOJBQkMrksbesrccFKSQ

Work on posters/signs for food trucks/tables:  Name of business, menu, pricing, slogan.  Improve food truck floor plan details.

Wednesday – Show you tube videos of some of the food items that will be made during the food truck lab:  How to make crepes, how to make funnel cakes, etc. Discuss and plan the process.  Mobile lab in room to continue work on ppt. presentations.  S2ElementsOfDesign1

Thursday – Food truck food prep lab

Friday – Finish and share food truck food

Monday – 4/18  Food truck presentations and gallery walk of posters with menus

Tuesday – No school for 9th, 10th, and 12th grade – 11th graders only for ACT exams.

Wednesday – Ch. 3 Kitchen Safety sheet using the red Foundations textbook.  Discuss food safety and sanitation techniques.  ;  Learn 360 Sports Nutrition and guide sheet SportsNutritionLearn 360 Types of Nutrients FACS O  ;   Nutrient Functions sheet from Docushare    youtube video on nutrition:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v6wcgprHXM

Thursday – Begin childcare unit – Youtube TED Talk on the Marshmallow Experiment on Self Discipline:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g75lwNUpUQg            Funny Marshmallow video from Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX_oy9614HQ       #2 video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L-n8Z7G0ic              Reading from newspaper:  Lessons From A Marshmallow    Marshmallow Lesson Reading and Questions –   Marshmallow Lesson Reading and Questions – FACS O   ; copy of reading handouts: https://zimbra.lps.org/service/home/~/?auth=co&loc=en_US&id=197235&part=2        MarshmallowTestdownload (3) (1),     SelfcontrolMarshmallowtestPresentation3  discuss reading and answer questions.

Monday – 4/27  Begin preschool unit.  Planning your lesson using the theme you and your partner have chosen.  The lesson plan should be as follows:

Your name



Book:  Name of your picture book – anything you want to use to enhance this such as puppets, etc.

Table activity:  fine motor skill – coloring, play dough, craft project


Physical Activity:  Gross Motor Skill

Reflection time:  Class back together in circle

Tuesday – Learning lesson planning:  http://www.pre-kpages.com/themes/    Use graph paper to design your preschool in birds-eye-view.   Dimensions:   Over all size is 35′ X 35′, Check-in room/Entrance – 8′ X 8′, Bathroom – 10′ X 10 ‘,

Wednesday – mobile lab in room to do Slumberland.com room planner design tool to create floor plan from graph drawing.  Work with partner(s) to plan ppt. for lesson plan, preschool photos, your theme, evaluation page, activity centers photos and photo of your birds-eye-view graph paper floor plan.

Thursday – Write on 1/2 sheet of paper 20 Things a Preschooler should learn while in preschool and 5 Things a preschool-age child should know before entering preschool.  Share with a table partner.  Observe the website information: http://www.icanteachmychild.com/71-things-your-child-needs-to-know-before-kindergarten/      and discuss.    Mrs. McCranie showing the Prairie Hill Learning Center to class http://www.prairiehill.com/about   (Montessori/farm preschool setting).  Fill out a Compare and Contrast Vin Diagram while hearing about the preschool differences. Discuss the differences of this program compared to regular preschools using a Socratic Seminar technique. Also answer in circle group of Socratic:  Why are social skills so important to learn at such an early age of 3-5 in or out of a preschool setting.  How do these skills prepare a child for interaction with other students in elementary, middle and high school?    Work with teacher partner(s) using the planning tool to organize your lesson  (Building Plan vin diagram) – 10 min. ;  3-4 presentations ready to share.

Friday – Childcare quiz  ChildcarequizMicrosoft Word – Unit 8 Common District Assessment Questions-1.docx   2 Preschool Lessons today,  2 presentations  Ch. 11 Caring for Children Activity A, B, D and E packet from the workbook may be used if needed.

Monday – 5/2  Mobile lab available for any groups needing to finish their presentations.  Two Preschool lessons today, 2 presentations if time permits.  While the mobile lab is in the room on Monday we will follow this 10 min. survey request:

We are asking that all teachers who sign up to use a lab or a  laptop cart over the next week carve out a few minutes to have their students do the survey.  It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.
Navigating to the site (http://www.bbyt.es) is simple.
Just write the jumpcode (P8B2) and Southwest’s 5-digit student code (E68HU).
Your participation and support is important and will make the difference between having a complete versus a limited understanding of technology use and skills in our school. Please know that all student responses will remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

Tuesday – More presentations and lessons.

Wednesday – Presentations and lessons.

Thursday – Break from Presentations and lessons.   Cinco de Mayo celebration:  churros – http://www.recipe.com/cinnamon-churros/

Friday – Presentations and Lesson

Monday 5/9  The Drew Carey Project:  Food Fight video with listening guide;  Ch. 3 Kitchen Safety sheet using the red Foundations textbook.  Culinary Foundations Ch. 3 Kitchen Safety  worksheet using red textbook Ch. 3 CF kitchen safety notes-2

Tuesday – Preschool info-What is a Montessori school   Fill in the paper by following the websites.  Quiz – Working with Children and Interior Design

  1.  Name 3 careers working with children, besides being a preschool teacher.  2.  What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Montessori education?  3.  What are 3 qualities of a good preschool teacher?  4.  What is important about designing a good preschool?  5.  Describe the view we use to create floor plans in FACS O class.   The graft paper is on a ______________ scale.   6.  Describe the differences between an Interior Designer and a Decorator.

Wednesday – Prep lab – pretzels

Thursday – Finish lab pretzels

Friday -Learn 360:  Elements of Design video from Learn 360 – http://learn360.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=77308&loid=333158&tScript=0#     Each student:  Ch. 23 of workbook:  Maintaining a Home – The Elements of Design – Act. A, The Principles of Design – Act. B, Arranging Furniture –      Act. D      As a Group:  Magazine collage of Elements and Principles on poster, labeling each Element and Principle.    Principles of Design video from Learn 360: http://learn360.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=77309&loid=333165&tScript=0

Monday 5/16 Measuring Equivalencies Activity Sheet, Sewing Supplies, Measuring Techniques, and Sewing Equipment.  Sewing project – hem and sewing on buttons.

Tuesday – Ch. 18 Consumer Decisions, Evaluating a High-Tech Tool, Consumer Protection Laws, Views on Consumer Laws. John Stossel – “The Lemonade Stand” http://stosselintheclassroom.org/videos/lemonade_stand_consumer_protection_gone_wrong/ Warranty, guarantee, rebate, credit vocab:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRGAf3i_zRE    Advertising and psychology:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC7VLjIw8h       An Introduction to Multiple Intelligences to prepare for Thursday’s final:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oea4itLU2Ig    Baking cookies today and reviewing sewing equipment.

Wednesday – No class

Thursday – Final Exam














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Culinary Foundation Block 2 and 3 Term 3



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Assignments: FACS Overview

Wednesday 8/12 9th Grade Day – SHOS Leaders

Thursday 8/13 – Class Expectations

Friday 8/14 – Food Demo using garden fresh ingredients

Monday 8/17 – 4 Areas of Self and sharing (PIES),  Coloring Table Group, Personality Traits, Getting to know others in the class.

Tuesday 8/18 – Pickle lab with fresh cucumbers – class working in different group preparations

Wednesday 8/19 – 1st lab:  Measuring, Using correct equipment, Prepare Dough

Thursday 8/20 – Complete Pizza toppings and baking. Use prepared marinara sauce:  made by Culinary Foundations class.

Friday 8/21 –Week’s review

Monday 8/24 – Personal and Work Relationships – Unit 1 of textbook-read together in class, SHOS at end of class today; word of the day (festinate- to hurry); Ch. 1 Terms:  Read list of terms to class, Gallery Walk – each table writing and illustrating 2 terms from the list (given from Mrs. McCranie), rotate clockwise around room stopping at each table to read terms; Read through terms in textbook; quiz on terms; write as many terms and definitions on back of 4 Areas paper. Better grade of the two papers placed in grade book.

Tuesday 8/25 – Wants vs Needs poster; share FCCLA info; share Pro Start Competition info.

Wednesday 8/26 – Baguette dough lab day #1 prep lab

Thursday 8/27 –  Baguette dough lab finish and serve with compound butter; reduced schedule: mini pep rally

Friday 8/28 – Inherited vs Acquired Traits; Reflection pg. 11; 5 compliments; Week of Review

Monday 8/31 – Begin information about working with children.  Preschool activity planning day. Rough draft of floor plan and brainstorming ideas. Students work together in pairs.

Tuesday 9/1 – PLC day. Ch. 10 Share and Compare some of the terms using Venn Diagrams, 4 different ones per table, share with students from other tables, grouping together to share same Venn Diagram information; spokesperson from each group – share combined information on topic with class; each group share what they learned from all the presentations

Wednesday 9/2 – Class went to the Media Center 1st half to learn about the new Overdrive app for their electronic devices; checked out preschool books for their preschool teaching day; review of ch. 10 terms using the Eggspert game. Term quiz at end of class. 

Thursday 9/3 – Mobile computer lab in room:  Ideas for preschool – Pinterest, etc. (snacks, table activity, physical activity, theme, story time planning);. Preschool info-What is a Montessori school        Snacks for preschoolers  Show the Marshmallow Test from You tube.  Show also from Youtube “What Does High-Quality Preschool Look Like”.

Friday 9/4 – Gross-Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills practice at stations around the room.  Each group should prepare a large piece of paper with either one Fine Motor skill or Gross Motor skill activity at the table, then groups move around the room to try each station and sign off on sheet when completed.  Examples:  Fine Motor Skills:  cutting shapes, coloring, using tweezers to pick up beads, yarn around shapes, beans glued on paper design, paper shapes into a mosaic, paper clip chain, dot-to-dot with markers and different colors, toothpick punch design on paper, play dough.  Gross Motor Skills:  dancing, jumping, hackie sac toss, pretend swimming, touching toes, stretching, bean bag toss to the target, hopping, skipping.  Good practice for preschool training; Review of this weeks terms from Ch. 10.2

Monday – 9/7 No School – Labor Day

Tuesday – 9/8  Ch. 10.2 Taking Care of Children Development of Children worksheets from the Preparing for Life and Career textbook. The Business of Babysitting Act. A, B and C 13-1, 2 and 3 and Taking Care of Children Act. A, B, C and D. Share and compare with table group.

Wednesday – 9/9 – Teaching partners will work together on snack prep day, getting ready for their preschool teaching day.

Thursday – 9/10 – Two groups present preschool plan to class.

Friday – 9/11 – Two groups present preschool plan to class

Monday – 9/14 – Two groups present

Tuesday – 9/15 – Two groups present

Wednesday – 9/16 – Two groups present

Thursday – 9/17 – Last two groups present today.

Friday – 9/18 – Pep Rally Schedule. AHA paper – What you learned from the preschools AHA Paper FACS O Name

Monday – 9/21 – Videos – Youtube:  The Anatomy of an Egg,  How to Boil and Egg,  How to Poach an Egg,  How to Fry an Egg,  Demo – Scrambled eggs and omelet.  Tomorrow each lab group will make one each of boiled, fried, poached and/or scrambled or omelet.  Egg quiz Egg Cookery Quiz

Tuesday – 9/22 – Egg Lab

Wednesday – 9/23 – Begin sewing project:  shank button, hole button, slip stitch hem, hem stitch

Thursday – 9/24 – Day 2 sewing project:  shank button, hole button, slip stitch hem, hem stitch, wheat bag.

Friday – 9/25 – Day 3/final day:   sewing project:  shank button, hole button, slip stitch hem, hem stitch, wheat bag.  Ch. 63 Sewing Equipment Test – Open Book.

Monday – 9/28 – Review open book test from Friday and sewing equipment.  Begin Ch. 23 Home Design.  Read section of textbook;  Magazine photos to show examples of Elements and Principles;  Terms to know from Ch. 23;  Show Elements of Design #1 and 2 from You tube –      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuBnm2Pctaw                          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xD6wPWp0v4

Tuesday – 9/29 – SHOS Survey;  Ch. 23 Succeeding in Life and Career workbook copies:  The Elements of Design, The Principles of Design, Furniture Choices:  Work in groups of 3, Room Designed with furniture paper templates – individually.

Wednesday – 9/30 – Food lab:  Cinnamon Roll Dough, clean up lab

Thursday – 10/1 – Food lab:  finish cinnamon rolls and review ch. 23 Elements and Principles of Design worksheets from Tuesday. Ch. 69 The Impact of Housing:  Go over together in class – Creative Living textbook.

Friday – 10/2 – Quiz (formative) :  Interior Design information – Elements and Principles of Design.  Impact of Housing – Ch. 69 Study guide Creative Living textbook.  Go over in class.

 Monday – 10/5 –  Finish going over Ch. 69 study guide.  Begin Consumerism –  Learn 360:  Consumer Choice and Protection, Get What you Pay For, Consumers know Your Rights;  Youtube:  Consumerism; Read pg. 491 and discuss the differences of a warranty vs. a guarantee.  Finish statement on paper:  I think I am a smart shopper because . . .    and I think I am a poor shopper because . . . . ; Divide class into A, B, C, D, E and F groups. Students move into assigned letter groups to do a magazine poster.  10 advertisements glued onto construction paper.  One person in the group uses their phone to check if one of the products is available online.  Provide information about the online ordering.  Groups look over advertisements and answer these questions:  1.  Is there a warranty or guarantee, 2.  What can you tell about the quality of the product, 3.  Are there other buying options, 4.  Is there a comparison of products with the add?

Tuesday – 10/6 – What is Consumerism?  Notes from the Prezi presentation and quiz https://prezi.com/vjmbw8b9qnk7/consumerism/   ;  Take notes from the following topics:  1.  What is consumerism?  2 notes, 2.  Global problems  – 2 notes, 3.  Impacts on Culture – 1, Example – 1, 4. On Culture, how? – 1, 5. Impact on the World? – 1,  6. Power to Create Change? – 1, 7.  Who’s Affected? – 1  Example – 1, 8.  Relate to Globalization  – 1 Example – 1, 9.  Consumption – 2; hand in notes today.  Will be handed back to study before final.

Wednesday – 10/7 – Demonstrate using the watermelon making it into frozen granita.

Thursday – 10/8 –  Finish preparation for FACS O Final with ch. 1 Careers review. Enjoy the watermelon granita;  Lab:  day 1 Creepy Finger Bread stick dough, finish lab tomorrow. Clean up labs.

Friday – 10/9 – Complete lab today and enjoy.

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Culinary Foundations and Food, Prep and Presentation Class Expectations

  • How should students work during individual work time?   Students should be actively engaged in assignments that involve reading and or writing relating to each topic in either food class. To do this students should not be on their phones (unless instructed by Mrs. McCranie). They should use their own pen or pencil and may use a copied activity sheet, recycled paper in the room or student’s own paper.
  • How should students behave during teacher-centered instruction? When Mrs. McCranie or a substitute is giving direct instruction through directions, sharing information or demonstrations, students should be listening, providing eye-contact, taking notes (if instructed), filling in work sheets (if instructed), providing feedback (when asked) and not on phones.
  • How should students work during group work? Each student should actively be working with other lab/table group members to accomplish the tasks necessary to complete the lab assignment. This includes:  Group assignments such as activity sheets, lab work such as – setting up with mice en place, cooking/baking, clean up, put away.
  • What should students do if arriving late to class?  Quietly enter the room, hopefully with a pass. Mrs. McCranie will note the time student arrives to add comment to attendance in Synergy. Student will talk to Mrs. McCranie AFTER direct instruction is complete, asking politely what was missed.  A student’s lateness affects lab group members on lab days as not all members are present to perform assigned tasks.
  • What should students do if they need to leave the classroom? Students should ask permission before leaving the classroom for the restroom, etc. unless there is an emergency. A pass will be written by Mrs. McCranie, before the student leaves the room. Students should wait until direct instruction has been provided by Mrs. McCranie or the sub before asking permission to leave the classroom, unless in case of an emergency.
  • What are expected behaviors for transitioning between activities? Students should move into transitioning activities such as lab work, or moving to a computer lab without disturbing other students and/or materials that belong to other students.  Move in an orderly manner without excessive noise or inappropriate movement such as running. Move to a computer lab by going through the hallway quietly, and directly to the room without added stops (unless approved by teacher).


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