Culinary Foundations Bl. 2 and 4 Term 1

Week 3

Friday – 9/1 Finish Eggs Benedict Lab
Blender Hollandaise Sauce
YouTube video   ‪2 minutes‬
Thursday – 8/31 Quiz today on Brigade System Lab – English muffin dough, Friday lab finish into Eggs Benedict
English Muffins – Printer Friendly –
English Muffins Video –
Eggs Benedict Video –
Blender Hollandaise Sauce Video –

Wednesday 8/30  

  Finish cinnamon roll lab and continue Brigade System
Read the “What is the Brigade System” document as you are waiting for cinnamon roll dough to rise or bake and do the following also.
Page 48 and 49 of red Foundations textbook – Read . Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper (individual assignment) and hand in.
1. Evaluate the various jobs on these two pages. What skills unite both front-of-house and back-of-the-house employees?
2. Which of the jobs listed is the most important in a restaurant?
3. Why must the executive chef command the kitchen’s respect and loyalty?
4. Do managers in other industries require their employees to behave in this way, or is this unique to the foodservice industry?
5. Would you prefer front-of-the-house or back-of-the-house positions, why?
6. Write two items you learned from the document, “What is the Brigade System”.

What Is the Brigade System.docx

Tuesday 8/29  Tuesday – 8/29 Today’s objective: Examine an overview of the restaurant and foodservice industry, covering its scope, history and career pathways. And, apply good personal hygiene/health procedures and demonstrate cleaning and sanitizing steps necessary to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Tuesday – 8/29 Lab #3 Cinnamon roll dough and What Kind of Chef are you? Continue the Brigade System


Kitchen Brigade(6).ppt

Monday 8/28   Term quiz and Ch. 1 test.  Share food timeline info with class and Mother Sauce video from google classroom.

Begin Brigade System information possibly today, or will begin tomorrow.

Definition of Brigade System – Brigade de cuisine (French: [bʁiɡad də kɥizin], kitchen brigade) is a system of hierarchy found in restaurants and hotels employing extensive staff, commonly referred to as “kitchen staff” in English-speaking countries. The concept was developed by Georges Auguste Escoffier.

BrigadeScanned from a Xerox multifunction device.pdf

BrigadeTerminologyScanned from a Xerox multifunction device (2).pdf

Escoffier Kitchen Brigade System Then and Now : The Reluctant Gourmet
kitchen_staff.jpg (526�380)
What are the 5 Mother Sauces?

What are the Five Mother Sauces
YouTube video   ‪3 minutes‬
Friday – 8/25  

 Culinary History

Follow the Power Points on Food Service/Culinary History. Go to the Food Service History Chart. Use this chart to change to pdf through Kami and add text boxes to fill in from the ppts. and use of ch. 1 in Foundations textbook. Next go to the Food timeline listed below. Choose 1 food on the list (each person does this assignment). Write a summary about the food you have chosen on a half sheet of paper and hand in.    Escoffier history video:
 Exit ticket:  Exit ticket 8

Thursday – 8/24  

Thursday – 8/24 Finish Egg Cookery lab – Souffle’ Recipe link below.
Today we are also working on some culinary terminology. On the ch. 1 matching – match terms with definitions (show Mrs. McCranie your results) . Using the flash cards, practice selecting the terms then flip to view the definitions.
The Culinary Professional 2010 | Student Site | Chapter 1 E-Flash Cards

Wednesday – 8/23  Egg Cookery Recipes:  Cheese Souffle –   Chocolate Souffle’:

Tuesday – 8/22 Egg Cookery demo:  poached, fried, boiled, scrambled.  Read: pg. 111 in red Foundations textbook, pg. 314-315. Separating eggs, whipping eggs.

Exit ticket:  1.  What food-safety issues are involved in separating eggs?  2.  Why should the separated whites be entirely free of yolks?

Monday – 8/21  Eclipse Schedule      Video:     America’s Restaurants – Industry of Opportunity  (7:54) .     Video:  Becoming a Chef – Eric Ripert/Culinary Institute of America  (25 min.)                                                       Ch. 1 Overview of the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry  pg. 6-13.   Read together.  Lab group discussions and sharing.  # 1   Has the rise of “gourmet concessions”  at sports events changed the way fans experience the games?  and Are there some foods that just aren’t appropriate at sporting events?  If so, which ones, and why?   #2   What is the importance of the noncommercial foodservice segment to today’s society?  and Why do businesses and clubs provide foodservice to their employees ad members?    #3 Give examples of local noncommercial foodservice business and explain the differences between contract feeding and self-operating.    #4  Explain why the United States generates the majority of global quick-service market revenue, and Give examples of jobs, related to or affected by tourism.     #5  Identify a local tourist attraction (especially for today’s eclipse)  and identify all hospitality-related establishments within one mile from the school.    #6   How has the increased availability of full or partially prepared meals from supermarkets, restaurants, and caterers changed American eating habits?  and How does the increase of home meal replacement affect American eating habits, and what impact might this hav on physical health?

Friday 8/18 finish baguette lab, make compound butter; Zagat Survey and Michelin Guide explanation, pg. 35-36 in textbook reading, video:               How do you get a Michelin Star?:   (5:33)          This is how you really feel about restaurants in the 2016 Zagat Survey:   ttps://

Baguettes – Yeast Dough

Activate: 2 1/4 t. yeast + 1 t. sugar + 1/4 c. warm water
wait for 1/2 inch foam top to form

Mix together 2 c. all-purpose flour + 1 t. salt

Make a well; add 3/4 c. warm water + yeast mixture; mix; take out of bowl and knead until triangle test works (about 7 min.)

Place dough in large, greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap. Let rise until doubled (may do cool-rise overnight). Punch down dough, keep covered with plastic wrap; rest for 10 min.

Shape into cylinder-shape, make 3 slashes on top with a serrated knife, brush lightly with egg wash (1 egg + 2T. water mixed together). Place on greased cookie sheet which has a light handful of cornmeal on it.

Let dough rise until doubled again. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and allow dough to bake 10 min., throw 4 handfuls of water on bottom of oven, close door quickly to steam bake bread. Continue baking for 10 additional minutes. Enjoy!

Thursday 8/17 1st lab – Baguette dough, step-by-step process

Wednesday 8/16  Exit Ticket from yesterday’s PBIS lesson.

The Career Academy (TCA) Culinary Program:

Billy from TCA on to Nationals for Skills USA:  Billy from TCA Culinary Team:

Top 10 Best Chefs in the World (2:11)

Using your Chromebooks go to this site:   List and Photos of Chefs in History:

Do the following instructions using one of the chefs you have selected from the list:

Use Activity 1.3 in red workbook, writing information on a sheet of paper (1/2 sheet in the room on center table) , not the workbook, or just follow the questions below, answering each one about the chef chosen.   This will be shared with the class.

Answer the following questions:

  1.  Where was this person born?  2.  Why did she or he decide to become a chef or entrepreneur?  3.  How did he or she train for his or her profession ( apprenticeship, culinary school, other)?   4.  What contributions has she or he made to the hospitality and/or foodservice field?  5.  List three interesting facts about this person?

Tuesday – 8/15  All students.   Class Expectations, – found on LMS pgs.  2nd block PBIS lesson and mini-pep rally.   Bl. 4 working with cucumbers donated to class to make refrigerator pickles.   Video:

Monday – 8/14  9th grade day