Interior Design Term 4

Pantone color of the year:

The Color Wheel:    Color Wheel:    Elements and Principles of Design:–BRSA

Interior Design Trends 2017:

Waiting room furniture:   Dental clinic design:   Dental Office Design:   More dental office design:    Waiting room toys for children’s room:

Robeson Design:  10 Clever Home Hacks

Ch. on Color –


Planning for the future, innovative thinking for future housing:  pg. 84-85 in new textbook:  FLOAT House and Mars-One space settlement.  Ch. 4 Sustainability in housing


Careers of I.D.:

Thursday – Introduced Elements of Design with ppt. from Mrs. McCranie.  Dentist Office Project Requirements:  Elements of Design Project

Wednesday – Continued work on tiny house project.  Example of good use of space with tiny house:

Tuesday – Begin tiny house project, with first floor plan 12’X13′ , using graph paper, simple lines, birds-eye-view, at least 1 window and door, must have kitchen – living-bathroom-sleeping space included with storage throughout.  Working with Needs instead of so much of Wants.

Monday -Read over the Course Mission Statement and Objectives of the class.  Use a textbook (red ones under the lower cupboards about 3 cupboards from the left) Homes Today and Tomorrow.    Introduce the needs of housing by looking at a Child’s Viewpoint – Assignment:  Each student have a child under the age of 10 draw their room or house and label as they want.  Discuss children’s drawings in gallery walk  – due in 2 weeks. 

Open to chapter 1 and begin reading together, looking at the terms in the front of the chapter. Have them write the terms and define them using their own paper. As you read through the chapter, stop and discuss different parts as it relates to the need of housing. Hand out the Chapter 1 Study guide and have them work in small groups of 3 to do this together. As they finish and hand this assignment in to you, they can have The Comforts of Home page to also work together doing and hand in. You should discuss the comforts of Home page with the class as you finish.

There is a tote tray of colored pencils in an upper cupboard about 3⁄4’s of the way from the left. Hand out the coloring pages and have them each take one and begin coloring. This connects with our discussion on Architecture and will help us observe different forms of housing needs. Hand in the process, finished or not.

Week 1    3/20
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