Food, Nutrition and Wellness Term 4


Wednesday 5/23 – last class day – finish lab work and clean up kitchens.

Monday   5/22 – prep lab and some finish of healthy main dish foods


Friday – 5/19 – Class is taking the final

Thursday   5/18/17 – Go to B220 computer lab to work on the Wellness Article Search paper do ONE of the different articles to fill in the information.  #1  FDA is postponing changes to nutrition labeling laws   –!page=post&id=5909A0B0-444A-1DC0-457E-B882B34B8169        #2 No Fruit Juice is Not the Same as Fruit:!page=post&id=5912D95B-D27B-7FEE-4562-A125A966E9DA      #3 Vitamin D – What’s the Right Amount for Me?!page=post&id=58D0DAAD-90AC-CB60-4F2D-8DB26EFEFF65       #4 Too Much Caffeine Can Kill!page=post&id=591C2F7A-0E09-3B40-4D81-BA95641F0080            Next, go to the Browse area of the Fooducate website:!page=browse     Look under the Products Categories,   Look up 2 of the Categories, then find 3 products from both food items (ex.  Snack bars is the product category – then list 3 food items by name such as Paleo Bar with the calories listed for it) .  Write  this information on the back of your Wellness paper and hand in to sub.

Wednesday – Most groups finishing their healthy website slides and presenting.  Also working on review for the final by working on each test question which is cut up without answers.  Larger groups go through each question together.

Tuesday – last class day – finish lab work and clean up kitchens.

Monday – prep lab and some finish of healthy main dish foods

Wednesday – Mac book pro lab 1 in classroom to wrap up work on website ppts. on wellness – continue presentations.

Monday – Yoga (start at 6:30)      Begin preparing for final working in table groups to split up the curriculum material. Begin wellness presentations.   Nutrient Factors ppt.  Ch. 1, 2 and 3 Term sheets.  Kitchen 2 has USDA Guidelines and Kit. 5 has GI system plus USDA Guidelines.

Friday – Chair yoga:  (start at 20:56)  Nutrition Chart, Quiz:  Ch. 11 Nutrition across the lifespan

Wednesday – B220 Comp. lab to finish presentation work of Healthy Websites made into a slide presentation:  Exercise Recommendations, Meal Plans/Diets, Benefits of your wellness plan, Following label reading, yoga or other stress reduction options to have a healthy lifestyle.

Chair yoga:   Fed Up – Netflix:  Childhood Obesity.

Tuesday – 8 foods to avoid during pregnancy:   Super foods for pregnancy:     10 Healthiest foods during pregnancy:     Smoking during pregnancy:   Nutrients needed during lactation:   What happens to a woman’s body after pregnancy:    Use the interactive resource textbook material (terms, matching, quiz and puzzle):

Monday – 5/8  Begin Ch. 11  Nutrition Across the Life Span-  The Effects Alcohol can have on Pregnancy:     Ultrasound of FASD in womb:  ttps://     Alcohol use and Pregnancy:       – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:                   Growing up with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:      Adoptive Parents Give Away FASD child:    The Difficulties of FASD:

Friday – Rodney Yee – Yoga (5:33)     Finish lab – Healthy snacks       8 Immediate Stress Busters:   – Read over with class.    Stress Busters Club at Rutgers University (1:56)         10 Important Pressure Points That Actually Heal Your Body and Mind:

Thursday – Ellie Krieger Shares Healthy Breakfast Recipes Video (PBS and Youtube), Healthy Snacking with Ellie Krieger – Summer eating for kids  (4:07), A Healthy Panty (2:48)

Wednesday – Complete and serve healthy meal

Tuesday – prep lab:  healthy main dish or side or salad or dessert for combined meal

Monday –

Friday –

Thursday – finish lab healthy breakfast foods

Wednesday – prep lab healthy breakfast foods

Tuesday – More presentations.

Monday – Work on slide presentation in groups again. Start presentations

Friday – Finish lab

Thursday – prep lab day on healthy snacks

Wednesday – 5/3  Recipes from this website to menu snacks, breakfast, main dish, sides and dessert:       Begin working on group slide presentation or youtube video of healthy snack ideas – Show examples:  photos/recipes and show slides of healthy exercise ideas or wellness plans. Include the following items on your slides:  Set reasonable and achievable goals, plan and choose to eat a healthier dietary pattern, don’t skip meals, start an exercise program, ask for support from family and friends, have a registered dietitian determine your calorie intake, reduce calories by decreasing portions, keep a food diary, reduce the number of times you eat, find easy ways to improve the quality of your diet, drink more water, listen to your body, eat slower, weigh yourself if necessary.

Thursday –  Research from calorie chart:

Wednesday –

Tuesday –

Monday –

Friday –  Cont.  Chair yoga for the spine – Five Parks Yoga  10 min.    You tube video:  The Best Spaghetti Squash Recipe – Laura Vitale (9:59)  Lab – working with spaghetti squash.   Spaghetti Squash Boats – East Meal Prep Healthy Dinner Recipes  (5:41)   Does Body Size Matter?  Health test – GMA Body Proud/Ashley Graham:   (4:59)

Thursday – Chair yoga for spine and core, 6 Main points from Fast food, Fat profits:  Obesity in America (23:14),   Netflix – The Student Body – 6 Main Points.

Wednesday – ACT

Tuesday – 12 Crazy Yet Genius Cooking Tips to make our lives easier:

Monday – no school

Friday – no school – Easter weekend

Thursday – Chair Yoga with Rodney Yee:          Go over vocab on Carbohydrates. Teams work on Creating a food label     Lab:  Pasta/Sauces/Veg

Wednesday – Lively Chair Yoga cont. :            Food label assignment.  Video:  How to Create a food label:   Go over vocab on Carbohydrates. Teams work on Creating a food label

Tuesday – Lively Chair Yoga:     Nutrient Chart ppt. from file.  Nutrient Label Reading Practice sheet scavenger hunt.

Lexicon of Sustainability – GMO’s:   GMO use (consumed):

Monday – 4/10  Raw Chocolate Date Fudge:   Peanut butter/choc. fudge ice cream without dairy:

Friday – Yoga:         Chair Yoga for feet stretch:           Whole Grains ppt. from files.    Wheat vs. White Grains – Lexicon:

Thursday – Ramen/Veg lab     How to Make Ramen Noodles Healthier:       Another healthier ramen dish:       One more healthier ramen recipes:            Carbohydrates vocab sheet:CarbohydratesVocabMicrosoft Word – VOCABULARY-Essential Terms-1.docx     Carbs-3      Identical Twins Diet Challenge:

Wednesday – Possible lab as groceries arrive from delivery or will prep this on Thursday.  Sugar Timeline:    Facts about Sugar:      Mayo Clinic Article about Sugar:

Student reading and summary from Mayo Clinic Article About Sugar listed above,  Sugar Timeline or Sugar 101 slides:

Tuesday – Completed guide sheet and video on Sugar with discussion.

Monday – Sugars and Sweetners Quiz from WebMd:         Answers to Questions about Sugar:         “Sugar Coated “film from Netflix with 6 Main points from video.   Sugar 101 slides:      National Restaurant Assoc. Show Exhibitors:    Sugar Timeline:    Facts about Sugar:

Week 3   April 3

Friday – 15 Super Foods for Healthy Heart (3:44)    How to Manage Chemotherapy Symptoms through food  (3:49)     Super Foods for Diabetics  (6:45)    Eating Disorders:    10 Foods that help reduce high blood pressure:     Kidney Disease:   Cholesterol:    Fatigue:

Thursday – 3/30 

This class needs to go to computer lab B220 from as soon as you take attendance to 12:26.  While in the lab, students should work on doing a one page research report answering questions relating to one health concern they want to know more about and have questions concerning how food/nutrition/overall wellness plays a major role to help overcome this disease, recover quicker, improve health and outcome. They should also include information about various health concerns that might influence not only consumers’ food choice motives but also consumers’ subsequent attitudes toward healthy eating.

 Examples:  Cancer treatment/chemotherapy/radiation, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hyperactivity, Digestive Disorders, Food Allergies/Intolerances, Osteoporosis, Kidney Disease, AIDS/HIV, Obesity, or a topic of their choice they want to know more about.

What do we know about this disease?  Who might be more susceptible to it?  Why is it a hereditary concern? What progressive treatments are being developed relating to improving nutrition and wellness? How does food/nutrition help improve the effects of the disease?

Good website:

They can go to my website to find this information through the LSW website and looking for McCranie in the teacher list under academics then look at the current posts on the right side of my page.

Return to the class at 12:26 for a speaker who is an officer in FCCLA (state/national?)  If she is running late, doesn’t show or the presentation does not last the 30-40 min. she said it would then have the students share some of their findings about their research papers.

Monday – Dietary Journal: DailyFoodDiaryDocument3   Begin Pho Broth and ingredients prep.

Ramen noodle dishes:  Mind of a Chef –

Check out “The Mind of a Chef” on Netflix

How to make pho:   Homemade Ramen Noodles:        Pasta making:

Religion and Culture dietary procedures:   Article:

Friday -Begin Ch. on Nutrients  Ch. 3  pag 71 Read over the Terms to Know.  Construction paper terms and definitions of segments of chapter.  Review Learning pg. 87 Questions 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14.  Write answers on paper. Hand in.

America’s Heartland Olive Oils:

Nutrition 2 ppt.       Sorting Food Facts from UNL Extension:

Thursday – Sweet Potato Crust Quiche:

Wednesday – Combat Stress:

Tuesday -Healthy Smoothie:

time: 10 minutes // serves: 2

  • 1 cup frozen, ripe, freckled banana
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup fresh (or frozen) pineapple
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1/2 to 1 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • dash of ground turmeric root (optional)
  1. Peel and chop carrots and squeeze fresh orange juice.
  2. Place all frozen and fresh ingredients into high speed blender and blend until smoothie and creamy.
  3. Pour into one tall glass, or share with a friend!
  • Include as little or as much orange juice as you like, depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be.

*nutrition facts:

 358 calories // 83.3g carbs // 10.9g protein // 0.7g fat    930% vitamin A // 209% vitamin C // 44% fiber // 20% folate // 13% iron // 7% calcium

*Monday – Healthy lunches: Rainbow    Fiesta Bean Dip Bowl:    Vegan Plant Based:


Friday – 29 Ways to Live Healthier:  29 Ways to Live Healthier       Wellness and You ppt.    Eat Move Rest website:    video:     Nice Cream:

Thursday – How to get protein on a plant based diet:

Wednesday:  Making Pho:   How to Make Pho:

Tuesday- Chair Yoga:       Yoga at your desk:    30 Sec. Sun Salutation:

Monday – Beverages – Breakfast shake:   Bullet proof coffee:          7 Healthy Breakfast ideas:   3 Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes:      7 Healthy Smoothies:

Week 2    3/27

Friday – GMO’s:                                Local vs. Organic:

Thursday – Food Facts:       Influences of culture on our food choices:    American kids try lunches from around the world:

Wednesday – Portion Distortion: prevent-portion-distortion handout.  Portion distortion ppt.    10 Healthy Snack Ideas Students Should Know:    Careers related to Nutrition:  (2:46)         The Difference Between a Dietitian and Nutritionist   (4:08) :

Tuesday – Vocab Terms from Ch. 1 on back of wellness article paper, use book.  & Reasons Why You Need to Walk More –    Case Study and questions – pg. 33 textbook.

Breakfast ideas:  How to make overnight steel cut oats for breakfast –

History of Food:  tps://   (5:40)

Food Facts and Myths :

Monday – Course Description and Standards.  After that, place the sign on the outer door of B115, not B115A (the one in the hallway)  then take the class  at 12:10 to B220 comp. lab to work on the Wellness Article Search paper.  They can choose the article of their choice on Wellness.  Return to class around 12:50. Have the students come to the center of the room with chairs to discuss their articles.

Food for Families Around the World – Hungry Planet:

Next, have them return to tables and also go to the bookshelf by the back door to pick up the black Nutrition and Wellness for Life textbook. Read and skim through chapter 1, discuss as needed.  Now, have them work on the Wellness Vocabulary sheet on the back of the Wellness Article Search.  Come back together to discuss.  If time allows, have them read and write about the Case Study on page 33.  Use the ½ sheets of paper on the center table to write answers, or just discuss this as a class.  T

Week 1   3/20

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