Food Prep and Presentation Class Daily Assignments

Week of 12/19 –  Last week of term

Wednesday – Pro Start 2 Exam as final

Tuesday – Review for Pro Start 2 Exam – and share Restaurant Projects

Monday -Finish Restaurant Projects and prepare  “croquembouche tower” as a complete class group.  Recipe:

Week of 12/12

Friday – Work on restaurant design project – B220, continued work on gingerbread houses.

Thursday – Work on restaurant design project in B220 1/2 block, continued work on gingerbread houses.

Wednesday – Baking non-gingerbread into house designs.

Tuesday – Non-gingerbread dough prep     Recipe:

Monday – Live Stream Demo from Escoffier Culinary School at 11:00 – Holiday sides    Today is Hot Chocolate Day – How to make hot chocolate mix for Coco Day today:   and video from website.

Week of 12/5

Friday – Students in computer lab A220 1st half of block to work on Restaurant Design project. Live Stream Demo from Escoffier Culinary School at 11:00 – Holiday Entree’

Thursday –  Live Stream Demo from Escoffier Culinary School at 11:00 – Holiday Desserts     Making Crepes to use the Dulce de Leche

Wednesday –  Thumbprint cookies – prepare dough:    Recipe:     Easy Dulce de Leche video:

Crepe recipe:  (making the batter today)

Making crepe batter today – Crepe batter recipe:   Recipe used in class:   1 c. all purpose flour, 2 eggs, 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. water, 1/4 t. salt, 2 T melted butter:   Whisk together the beaten eggs with the flour; gradually add the milk and water.  Next, add the salt and butter; beat until smooth; cover in bowl with plastic wrap and place in fridge for at least 1 hour before making in saute’ pan/crepe pan.  Use only a small amount in the buttered pan, flip, roll or fold and serve with fruit coulis or chocolate sauce.

Tuesday – Finish salads.  Marketing information.

Monday – Work on salad recipes, some to finish today, others tomorrow.  ch. 7 Marketing ppt. from Foundations text.

Week 11/28

Friday – Class meeting in A115 due to new projector installation in B115A.  Mobile cart use to begin Restaurant Mgmt. project

Thursday – Finish Croissant lab.   Viewing gingerbread houses:

Wednesday –  How to make emulsions:    Sustainability through foraging:  Learning about Local:   Go over ch. 3 Activities sheet with class.    Croissant Prep lab:  croissants

Tuesday- How to make a vinaigrette:  (5:29)  and how to make mayo:  (7:15)   How to make   Tabouleh Salad:   another Tabouleh:   how to make a Caesar Salad:     Julia Child’s history of the Caesar Salad:

Monday – Act. 3.2 Crossword – Cost Control in blue workbook, You tube video:  TEDx (9:08) Beyond the Zero Wast Restaurant, 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants in the World (6:17); Menu Markup – Act. 3.7 in workbook; Presentation4 from Mrs. McCranie’s restaurant presentation plan to view as new project.

Week 11/21

Wednesday-Friday:  no school, Thanksgiving break

Tuesday: Finish mini pie lab.  B220 Comp. lab for Escoffier sign up on Live Stream (2A)

Step One: Student Registration

In order for us to complete your registration students need to register on by Friday December 2nd, 2016

  • visit

  • select “click here” within the red student box on the home page

  • fill in all boxes with the red asterisk

  • IMPORTANT: students must type “Lincoln HS 2016” for the questions “What High School do you attend?. It must be typed exactly as indicated between the quotes.

  • submit your application

Monday:  How to make hand pies (turnovers)      Prepare pastry dough for mini pies lab:  foolproof-single-crust-pie-dough-_-milk-street

Week 11/14

Friday:  Finish Focaccia dough into pizzas and calzones.  Ch. 2 Test on Nutrition and Nutrition Vocab.

Thursday:  Prepare Focaccia dough.  Share previous day’s lab with other class.

Wednesday:  Prepare Hummus, Sushi, Red Beans and Rice, Stir Fried Rice for Nutrition lab.

Tuesday:  Nutrition information from Ch. 2

Monday:  What are GMO’s –  Lexicon short film on GMO’s:     pg. 57 of blue Foundations workbook:  Act. 2.10 Should GMO’s be regulated?     Youtube video:  Genetically Modified Organism Myths and Truths (6:38)

Week 11/7

Tuesday –  Croque Monsieur vs. Croque Madame:;_ylt=A0LEVj407iFYW_oA93cnnIlQ?p=croque+monsieur+recipe&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002#id=12&vid=837a0e784e3434669bb974e66bfe51c1&action=view   Bake dough today.

Monday – Prepare baguette dough to be used as bread for open-face sandwiches, Croque Monsieur, bread crumbs and French toast this week.  2 groups making cheese to be used this week also.

Week 10/31

Friday -Award presentation of students who participated in the LPS Dist. Culinary Competition.  Michelin star chef –   Netflix – Chef Table  – Chef Grant Achatz, Lab clean up today from competition prep.  Sandwich ppt.: (too large of file)  ,  Commercial Equipment ppt. (too large file),  Key Vocab  take notes:  keyvocabstandard1unitplan-4-1

Thursday – LPS dist. culinary competition – 6 students, remainder of class prepares breakfast lab in classroom

Wednesday:  Competition Practice and packing products – chocolate balloon bowls

Tuesday: Competition Practice

Monday – Plating dessert lab

Friday: Beef Production ppt., demo and lab by Sheri Wieden, rep. from NE Cattlewomen Assoc. Lab work – beef tapas

Thursday:Practice Plating

Wednesday:   Begin Student e-portfolios.  How to make marshmallow fondant:   Edible bubbles and mirror finish to cakes:   Chocolate ideas:   Chocolate Spheres:    Chocolate and Strawberries:   Chocolate Dessert cups:     Chocolate lace:    Chocolate bowl using balloons:     Chocolate bowls using ice mold:      Butterfly decorations using candy melts:    Food art – jello spider:    Raspberry inside dessert yogurt cheesecake:

Tuesday – Plating techniques from Escoffier Culinary School:    More plating ideas:      Caramel Decorating ideas:    French spun sugar:      Leopard Print Bread using Nutella:   Tiger Print Cake:    Ice Drop panacotta dessert:

Monday  10/24        Halloween cupcake ideas:     More Halloween cupcakes ideas:    Vampire cupcakes:         Halloween cupcakes – glass ideas:       More:    Lime Slime Mummy cupcakes:

Tapas:        more tapas:       Pinterest Tapas:[]=tapas%7Ctyped

Working with spun sugar lab – 1 c. granulated sugar + 1 T. water, melt sugar with water until amber color; sling on wax paper over bowls, plates to create treads and other designs to be used on cupcake decorating.    Spun sugar:

Week of 10/19-21

Friday – 10/21  Finish cupcake lab and practice plating;  making a two-tone rose      Rose top frosting techniques:    Star piping technique:     Round piping technique:

Thursday:  begin first lab -How to make cupcakes:   How to decorate a cake:      Cupcakes from my website – Culinary Skills recipes:  Best Chocolate Cake Ever           food-prep-and-presentation-descr-standards-2 

Wed. 10/19/16  1st day of class.   Video of former LSW culinary student competing in Culinary Skills USA National Competition:  (1:05)

National Pro Start Invitational:;_ylt=A0LEVjbTewdYlycALJwnnIlQ?p=national+pro+start+competition&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002#id=1&vid=023212b841042ec4dda86f4e82d7f871&action=view     slides from district competition:   Show CD of last year.

Rules of Tapas:   Rules of Scratch Desserts:

Thursday:  begin first lab – Cupcakes from my website – Culinary Skills recipes:  Best Chocolate Cake Ever           food-prep-and-presentation-descr-standards-2

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