Culinary Foundations and Food, Prep and Presentation Class Expectations

  • How should students work during individual work time?   Students should be actively engaged in assignments that involve reading and or writing relating to each topic in either food class. To do this students should not be on their phones (unless instructed by Mrs. McCranie). They should use their own pen or pencil and may use a copied activity sheet, recycled paper in the room or student’s own paper.
  • How should students behave during teacher-centered instruction? When Mrs. McCranie or a substitute is giving direct instruction through directions, sharing information or demonstrations, students should be listening, providing eye-contact, taking notes (if instructed), filling in work sheets (if instructed), providing feedback (when asked) and not on phones.
  • How should students work during group work? Each student should actively be working with other lab/table group members to accomplish the tasks necessary to complete the lab assignment. This includes:  Group assignments such as activity sheets, lab work such as – setting up with mice en place, cooking/baking, clean up, put away.
  • What should students do if arriving late to class?  Quietly enter the room, hopefully with a pass. Mrs. McCranie will note the time student arrives to add comment to attendance in Synergy. Student will talk to Mrs. McCranie AFTER direct instruction is complete, asking politely what was missed.  A student’s lateness affects lab group members on lab days as not all members are present to perform assigned tasks.
  • What should students do if they need to leave the classroom? Students should ask permission before leaving the classroom for the restroom, etc. unless there is an emergency. A pass will be written by Mrs. McCranie, before the student leaves the room. Students should wait until direct instruction has been provided by Mrs. McCranie or the sub before asking permission to leave the classroom, unless in case of an emergency.
  • What are expected behaviors for transitioning between activities? Students should move into transitioning activities such as lab work, or moving to a computer lab without disturbing other students and/or materials that belong to other students.  Move in an orderly manner without excessive noise or inappropriate movement such as running. Move to a computer lab by going through the hallway quietly, and directly to the room without added stops (unless approved by teacher).