About me

I was one of the original LSW staff members when the school opened. Mrs. Way and I were the only 2 teachers in the FACS Department. We taught all the classes, and had several different preps.

This year I am teaching Culinary Foundations, Food Prep and Presentations, FACS Overview and Interior Design. I have been involved with the District and State Culinary Competitions as a coach for the LSW Culinary Teams and Individual categories.

I’m very happy to be at LSW for another year! My husband and I have been married 39 years this year. We have 3 adult children,  and two grandchildren. Our grandson is 2 and our granddaughter is 3 weeks. We enjoy going to FL and CO as much as possible during summer or any breaks I have from school. Two of our children live in CO, and our daughter with the two children live in Lincoln.

I’ve had the privilege to have some amazing LSW students who have traveled through many culinary adventures becoming Executive Chefs, Ex. Sous Chef, Pastry Chef and SCC Culinary Instructors as well as a few former Interior Design students who are Interior or Landscape Designers. I love what I teach, because the classes in FACS provide life skills that are with students forever, and will be passed on to future generations.  I like to see a student have an “Aha” moment when what we are doing in class suddenly clicks with them, and they see the value of it!