Counting down to first day of school at LPS

We are counting down to the beginning of the 2017-18 school year for Lincoln Public Schools: The first day is Monday, August 14.

I believe the initial reminder the new school year is upon us is the welcoming back of administrators – and then teachers. With close to 400 new staff joining the LPS ranks, we continue to attract and retain top talent. Congratulations are always in order for the great members of the Human Resource teams who personally vet thousands of candidates for all positions.  Ultimately, we recognize the strength of our organization is centered in the people in our employ.

The opening of the new Moore Middle School will be a highlight of the fall.  To have a school named in honor of a legacy LPS leader is a very special distinction.  After arriving as superintendent in Lincoln I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Marilyn Moore – former associate superintendent for Instruction at LPS – and it was clear she was the architect of much of the excellence that we see at LPS in student achievement, programs and interventions. It will be fun watching that new middle school launch.

As we head into a new school year we are also focused on our growing student enrollment numbers.  Subject to the official state count late in September, we are projecting another robust group of new students.   Having already averaged close to 900 new students annually over the last five years, our schools are gradually becoming crowded.  Of particular concern are the high school enrollment numbers, which currently put us at 109 percent of building capacity. As a result, this year I will be calling together a community-wide Task Force to specifically address high school growth.

We are looking forward to beginning an exciting new year and want to welcome our many new families who have their first kindergartner starting school – or who have moved to Lincoln in the last few months.  I know all those new families and students will discover what so many others know: Lincoln is a wonderful place to live and thrive, raise a family – and send your children to school.