Computer Science 8

Computer Science encompasses far more than just coding, and CS Discoveries will provide students with opportunities to explore the many facets of CS, both in terms of how they are personally relevant as well as how they impact society. In 8th grade we move away from block coding and transition to all text coding to prepare students for high school CS classes.

In 8th Grade Computer Science we spend a Semester on the following topics/units:

Game Design – Students create their own Javascript web-based games (movement, collisions, scoring, collectables, etc.)
Swift Coding – Level 2 and 3: Students use Apple Swift programming language to build apps.
Physical Computing – Students code physical objects including robots. (Micro.bit, Circuit Playground, and Vex) Depending on Covid response protocol.
Data Handling РStudents explore systems used to represent information, learn how collections of data are used to solve problems, and how computers help to automate the steps of this process.