CS7 Week 1: October 15th – October 19th

Monday, October 15th

  • No School

Tuesday, October 16th

  • No School

Wednesday, October 17th

  • Class Overview
    • Problem Solving demo
    • Game Design – Bloxels demo
    • App Design – Swift (Apple) Programming demo
    • Physical Computing – Cue Bots demo
    • App Design – Code.org demo (Star Wars) <– Demo only (all pieces of a copyrighted work for the sake of education under Fair Use)
  • Moore Expectations
  • Story overview
    • Mr. Johnson, Mr. Mooney, Aliens
  • Why is this class fun?
    • Mr. Ricardi

Thursday, October 18th

  • Review Problem Solving Process
    • What if you had to build a castle
  • Review “What is a Computer”
  • Ozobot Storytelling

Friday, October 19th