CS6 Week 1: January 7th – January 11th

Monday, January 7th

  • Class Overview
    • Problem Solving with Ozobots
    • Game Design: Bloxels – Game Design
    • App Design: Swift (Apple) Programming
    • Physical Computing: Cue Bots
  • Moore Expectations
  • Why is this class fun?
      • Shmackies and Mr. Johnson
  • Classroom websites (GoogleWordPressCode)

Tuesday, January 8th

  • Why do I only have one classroom rule?
    • (Be Excellent!)
    • Aliens
    • Mr. Mooney and the hallway
    • Sunflower Seeds, Pencaps,

Wednesday, January 9th

Thursday, January 10th

Friday, January 11th

  • Finish Ozobot Storytelling
  • Showcase