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Student Parking and Towing Procedures

Just a reminder to parents; students who drive a vehicle must have an East High Parking Permit properly displayed on the rear view mirror.  Those permits can be purchased in the Main Office.   Student must have all information filled out in the Vehicle Permit Card before a permit can be given.  All students are to park in the Student Lot during school hours.

Students with injuries will need a Doctor’s Note stating that they need to park close to the building with a time frame.  A reserved space will be issued to that student in the South Staff Lot with a Temporary Permit that will sit on the dash of their vehicle.

We ask students that when they leave high value items in their vehicles to make sure that they are left out of site.  Not to leave money or electronic devices such as phones, iPods, etc. in plain view.  This action may cause their vehicle to be a potential target for vandalism/theft.

Tow Notifications are generally given out when a student has had two or more Parking Tickets or one if they parked in the staff lot.  A Tow Notification Form is given to their Administrator to have the student read and sign.  This form is to notify the student that their vehicle will be towed from Lincoln East High School property on their next violation.  A letter is sent home to parents to inform them that their student has been given sufficient warning and that they will be towed on their next violation.

Students will be given a ticket if parked in a red zone and they can be towed.  This includes after school activities/sports.  All drives must be accessible for emergency vehicles.

Capital Towing is the tow company that we use when we have to tow a vehicle out of our campus.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents, just a reminder we ask that you use the bus cut outs when you drop off and pick up your student(s).  Make sure that you pull up as far forward as you can to allow the vehicles behind you to pull in.  We ask that you do not park in Red Zones nor block the flow of traffic.  We need to leave plenty of room for emergency vehicles to enter in case of an emergency.  There are additional parking spaces available in the student lot if  the bus cut outs are full.