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Reporting Procedures

If students need to report incidents such as; thefts, bullying, drugs, weapons, etc. we ask that they report it immediately.  Students need to contact their Administrator, Campus Supervisor, or the School Resource Officer.  If the student would like to file a police report we ask that they contact their administrator and their parents/legal guardians for permission.

Parents,  if there is an incident that your student did not mention to us during school hours we recommend that you contact the police (if necessary).  We also recommend that you contact the school during school hours the following school day.  Reports will be generated and an investigation will be conducted.  Information given to us by students/parents is typically kept confidential.  The quicker we get the information; the sooner we can investigate; the better the outcome.

When students file a report with us, we ask that students update us when they have new information.  We also ask student not to confront others that might know or have information about their case.  Suck actions could cause a conflict or the possibility of losing vital information.  Instead we ask that they notify us as soon as possible.

Parents if you or your student have information on school issues and if you are unsure about reporting it directly to the school, we recommend that you contact Crime Stoppers.  We will keep all  information given to us confidential but if you feel more at ease reporting to Crime Stopper please do so.  We are very gratefull when we get such information especially when it involves the safety of our school.