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The Spartan Challenge

“The Spartan Challenge” program is designed to encourage students to be outstanding not only academically but also in clubs, sports, and all other school activities.  This program will recognize those students who consistently demonstrate effective leadership, high character, citizenship, and who strive for excellence. “The Spartan Challenge” will allow staff to nominate those students that they believe should be recognized.  Learn More

These are the students that are being recognized for April.  These students exemplified the four main requirements; Effective Leadership, High Character, Good Citizenship, and a Drive for Excellence.

Ava Clarke 2

Senior Ava Clarke was nominated by Ms. Glathar and is being recognized for the Spartan Challenge.  Ava was nominated because she has proven to be a true Ambassador of Goodwill for all students during her first year as an East High Ambassador.  She has been particularly interested in the East exchange students and volunteers for every activity we’ve had for those students.  She reaches out in her own time to help others.  Ava has volunteered to do the hard work of editing the video that the group of Ambassadors is creating to welcome new students.  Also pictured, Ms. Bishara (far left).

Liza Christensen 2

Junior Liza Christensen was nominated by Ms. Keep and is being recognized for the Spartan Challenge.  Liza was nominated because she does everything with dedication, skill, and thoughtfulness.  She does not speak or act negatively towards anyone.  She is honest and provides leadership to groups of students without imposing her ideas on anyone.  Liza treats everyone with respect and always sees the positive side.   Also pictured, Mr. Jiles and Ms. Bishara (far right).

Tyler Grof 2

Sophomore Tyler Grof was nominated by Ms. Glathar and is being recognized for the Spartan Challenge.  Tyler was nominated because this is his first year as an East Ambassador and he has done an awesome job.  He has an easy going manner that helps make new students feel comfortable.  He has put a lot of effort helping to create a video to welcome our new students in grades 10-11.  Tyler will continue to grow in his leadership capacity and provide a great source of encouragement to new students.

Alana Sesow 2

Freshman Alana Sesow was nominated by Ms. Graulty and is being recognized for the Spartan Challenge.  Alana was nominated because she’s respectful not only towards teachers but students as well.  She leads by setting the example for others to follow.  She’s an incredible athlete and role model.  Alana is an all around great student.

12-13 Recipients 2

These are the students that were recognized for the 12-13 school year.
Front Row Left: Alex Caravas, Deborah Newburn, Marit Koszewski, Rikki Beedle, Malika Wilson, Morgan Walters, and Sadie Fisher
Middle Row Left: Sydney Dynek, Elizabeth Norton, Brady Pramberg, Cristina Prentice, Erin Klutz, Stephanie Caruthers, Selena Kelly, Kaitlin Roh, and Corbin Hubbell
Back Row Left: Eric Holmberg, Taylor Dondlinger, and Caleb Baugous
Not Pictured: Haley Rieker, Nick Warner, Isaak Arslan, Marnie Jones, Jessica Petty, Ava Clarke, Tyler Grof, Liza Christensen, and Alana Sesow

2012-2013 School Year

2011-2012 School Year

2010-2011 School Year

2009-2010 School Year

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Make Coins for providing us with the East High School Challenge Coins and the Nebraska Army National Guard for providing us with The Spartan Challenge posters.  The Spartan Challenge Program would not have been successful without their generous contribution.