Roper Wins LPS Inspire School Award

Dear Roper Families,

On Thursday afternoon – April 13, 2017, the students and staff at Roper Elementary School were honored as the recipient of the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools – Inspire School Award for the 2016-2017 school year!

The Inspire School Award is the highest award a school can receive from the district.

Based on applicants from across LPS, our school was chosen and awarded $6,500 to spend to further student programming and educational innovations. Roper was surprised with a visit from members of the school board, the district’s leadership team and the LPS Foundation to offer congratulations!

Roper was selected based on our strong school improvement practices, the academic success of our students, and the innovative and strong programming offered by our teachers. This achievement and recognition would not have been possible without the incredible support we receive daily from Roper’s parents, children who work hard and come to school ready to do their best, and Roper’s talented and caring staff.

The LPS Inspire School Award will be presented to Roper staff on Thursday, April 20th at the LPS Inspire Banquet held at North Star High School. I want to take this opportunity to thank you – the Roper community, for helping to make our school the wonderful place it is!


Tim Muggy, Proud Principal

Roper Elementary School

Roper Weekly Awards


Roper Good Neighbor Fund
Our Purpose: We are committed to building a strong community where students and their families can be successful, healthy, and whole.
Where We Make A Difference: Our fund can help meet the needs of Roper Elementary students, staff, and their families. In crisis situations, the fund can be used towards shelter, clothing, food, transportation, utilities or medical needs.
How You Can Help: If you would like to contribute towards the emergency needs of your Roper neighbors, you can make a tax-deductible contribution on the Foundation for LPS website:…/by-category/school.html
Remember to select “Roper Good Neighbor Fund” in the “Donate To” box.


Roper Mission Statement

Our priority is on student learning, insuring every student is challenged to achieve or exceed grade level district and state expectations. We accept no limits on the learning potential of any child.
Roper is organized into grade level instructional teams: Preschool through fifth grade. Staff works closely with parents, as we know that a strong parent, school relationship is critical to ensure student success.

Our School Improvement goals are…

  1. All students will improve achievement in mathematical problem solving.
  2. All students will improve achievement in reading comprehension.
  3. All students will improve with respectful interactions.

As A Professional Learning Community, We Envision A School In Which Staff…

  • Collaborates, shares and accepts responsibility for stakeholders
  • Adapts, changes, grows, provides leadership and learns together
  • Sets high expectations for all students and staff
  • Partners with community to meet educational and emotional needs of all students
  • Implements instructional practices that are data-driven and research-based
  • Is reflective and strategic about growing toward cultural proficiency
  • Celebrates accomplishments, growth and success

Parents and students can work hard to achieve these goals by…

  • Working closely with their child’s teachers.
  • Providing an area for daily study that is quiet and free of distractions.
  • Most importantly… parents can help by reading with their child daily!

Roper offers art, music, physical education, technology and library media as specialty areas and we are proud of our strong parent, school relationships.

We work hard to provide a safe and orderly environment. With the building project that is taking place during this school year, it will be imperative that parents help to take extra safety precautions when dropping off and picking up their children. Roper staff is visible afterschool to help ensure a safe student dismissal.

We promote a safe, orderly and respectful environment, which promotes high levels of student engagement. Honoring the diversity and unique talents of our students is important as Roper has a high number of students from other cultures speaking fifteen different languages at home other than English.

The staff and students at Roper welcome you to visit our school.

Tim Muggy, Proud Principal
Roper Elementary School