7th Grade

7th Grade counseling Curriculum/ 2017-2018

Hello! We will be starting a Digital Citizenship unit, soon! The first three days of the unit involve defining and reviewing “digital footprint,” looking at ways we can add to and possibly damage our online communication.  We were excited as teachers to learn that counselors would be willing to join us to have the difficult conversation about cyberbullying and sexting on days four and five.  Days six and seven are additional information about online communication through emails and texting, and how etiquette for online gaming and chatrooms.  Finally, Days eight through ten focus on vetting websites (using Library Media research techniques), using internet keyword search strategies, and a taste of how to identify fake news.

Cyberbullying & Online Safety- Day 1

Cyberbullying & Online Safety- Day 2

On November 8th fall LACA class will be visiting the Technical Career Academy . The Career Academy is a joint venture between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. The goal of TCA is to provide academic and real world experiences to high school Junior and Seniors. They offer dual credit courses in sixteen different career paths. The Spring Laca class will also be visited the Career Academy. The dates are still to be determined for spring group.

Career Cruising:

7th grade students will be required to take the Career Matchmaking assessment. Based on the assessment results answered by students; Matchmaker produces a list of forty Career suggestions. This allows students to begin to research and think about different Career possibilities they might be interested in for the future. Lincoln Public Schools requires that all students Career Cruising Portfolios be 100% completion prior to High School Graduation.

Parents can log on to portfolios through the following:

 Career Cruising Log-In Information

Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions throughout your child’s 7th grade year @ abaxter2@lps.org. Thanks, Mrs. Baxter!