The ABC’s of the BackPack program

Here is a short little power point why we should donate to the Back Pack program!!


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Back Pack Extra Mile Walk– April 28, 2018 10 A.M. East High

This year I am a Co- Captain of  this wonderful program at Norwood Park.

Here are some basic information.

BackPack Extra Mile Walk is Saturday, April 28  2018 at 10 am at East High
T- shirt information
  • An adult walker needs to raise a minimum of $30 and a student/child needs to raise $10 to receive an LPS BackPack Extra Mile t-shirt.  The 2018 t-shirt is Neon green.
  • T- shirt orders are due March 7, 2018 to Mrs. Mantonya or Ms. Stohlman
Donation information
  • Walker envelopes to collect donations are for each walker or family.
  • Make checks payable to the Food Bank of Lincoln.
  • You can donate on-line at
  • All donations are due to Mrs. Mantonya or Ms. Stohlman on Wednesday, April 25!!

Here is a link to the lps page about the Back Pack Walk


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Effort Rubric

At both schools I have been using an effort rubric with my students to self assess how they were working in ELL. We all have good, bad, better and not so good days, but we can always try our best!!


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On Monday August 21, we were able to see a total solar eclipse in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Here is a link to some amazing photographs taken by people around the United States
It was an amazing once in lifetime experience, unless I become a world traveler to go see eclipses around the world.

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Two schools at the same time!

I have finally figured out a way to be at two places at the same time. Thanks to our new laptops and the app called Zoom, I was able to attend a meeting at Brownell while I was at Norwood Park. Also with the ability of Goggle docs I was able to instantly see what was being recorded.

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How are ELL students welcomed in LPS?

Here is an informative vidoe that tells how students are welcomed into  the ELL program in LPS.

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Vocabulary Learning Target

On Mondays I spend most of the day teaching my ELL students the new vocabulary words for the week.  As I am working on teaching these words, I have found that when I am intentional in telling the students what the learning targets are and why we are learning the words.  The students really do take ownership in learning the vocabulary so they can tell me the definitions and use the words in meaningful sentence and so they can find and understand the words in their stories or texts they are reading.  It has also been meaningful for me to review mid lesson the targets and at the end of class what they have learned.  I need to continue this with genres, reading strategies and comprehension strategies.   The students are more engaged when I explicit in my sharing of the learning targets.  My 2nd graders at Norwood Park are the most excited with the new vocabulary words but I also have the gift of time and have them as a group for 40 minutes!


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Some of my attempts at writing better learning targets

Here are some of my attempts at writing learning targets.  I am so excited to a part of Norwood Park, on PLC we spent a few minutes learning about writing learning objectives and using Know, Understand and Be able to with a partner.  I was thankful to be paired with one of Norwood Park’s resource teachers so we could also talk about how do we write this intentional but focused learning targets with so many different grade levels.  We also had a rubric that we could mark as a tool of self-reflection of setting specific learning targets and identifying the knowledge and skills my students need and designing  and using appropriate learning activities that align with our learning targets.    I do feel that I am feeling more confident with my learning objectives for my 2nd- 5th grade groups.  I feel like I still have lots of room to improve in writing my 1st grade targets and  math targets.


img_0979 img_0980 img_0981 I used this with my 3rd grade in Unit 2 week 4.





I used this with my 1st graders and their HFW but I am not happy with these so I will keep working on this one.




I used this with my 2nd graders in Unit 2 week 4


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Classroom Instruction that Works 2

On Friday, September 23, I was able to spend the day learning with Dr. Bj Stone  and 3 of my Brownell teachers. It was the first day of a 4 day learning opportunity.  The great thing is since we only had one day, we were not completely overwhelmed with information.   My goal for the day was to learn how to write more effective Learning Targets so that I will be even more intentional in my teaching and the students will be able to state what they are learning.  For the past two years I have written my targets as We will learn new vocabulary words, or  We will learn about genres or  We will write a constructed response.  Now I am working on using the format We will  Know…    Understand… and Be able to..  Keep coming back to see what I learn and how I am improve!


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Moving and a Rock!

img_0577img_0580 img_0582         Last week was a tough week! On Monday I got the call that I had been anticipating, I was getting moved to a new school to teach ELL. I was sad to say good bye to my students at Meadow Lane but knew I was needed to teach ELL at another school. My new school is Norwood Park and I am so excited to be here. I have my own classroom and dedicated teaching space to teach my ELL students.  I also have a sink and a window and a desk.

One of the greatest gifts of teaching is the heart felt gifts that students give to me.  Often there is no money given.  One of my 1st graders from Meadow Lane was really sad that I was leaving, he is sensitive child who loves life and people, he gave me a going away rock.  He had found it at recess and had it in his pocket.  A hug was not enough, so he had me take this very special rock he had found.

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