Vocabulary Learning Target

On Mondays I spend most of the day teaching my ELL students the new vocabulary words for the week.  As I am working on teaching these words, I have found that when I am intentional in telling the students what the learning targets are and why we are learning the words.  The students really do take ownership in learning the vocabulary so they can tell me the definitions and use the words in meaningful sentence and so they can find and understand the words in their stories or texts they are reading.  It has also been meaningful for me to review mid lesson the targets and at the end of class what they have learned.  I need to continue this with genres, reading strategies and comprehension strategies.   The students are more engaged when I explicit in my sharing of the learning targets.  My 2nd graders at Norwood Park are the most excited with the new vocabulary words but I also have the gift of time and have them as a group for 40 minutes!


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