Some of my attempts at writing better learning targets

Here are some of my attempts at writing learning targets.  I am so excited to a part of Norwood Park, on PLC we spent a few minutes learning about writing learning objectives and using Know, Understand and Be able to with a partner.  I was thankful to be paired with one of Norwood Park’s resource teachers so we could also talk about how do we write this intentional but focused learning targets with so many different grade levels.  We also had a rubric that we could mark as a tool of self-reflection of setting specific learning targets and identifying the knowledge and skills my students need and designing  and using appropriate learning activities that align with our learning targets.    I do feel that I am feeling more confident with my learning objectives for my 2nd- 5th grade groups.  I feel like I still have lots of room to improve in writing my 1st grade targets and  math targets.


img_0979 img_0980 img_0981 I used this with my 3rd grade in Unit 2 week 4.





I used this with my 1st graders and their HFW but I am not happy with these so I will keep working on this one.




I used this with my 2nd graders in Unit 2 week 4


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