Moving and a Rock!

img_0577img_0580 img_0582         Last week was a tough week! On Monday I got the call that I had been anticipating, I was getting moved to a new school to teach ELL. I was sad to say good bye to my students at Meadow Lane but knew I was needed to teach ELL at another school. My new school is Norwood Park and I am so excited to be here. I have my own classroom and dedicated teaching space to teach my ELL students.  I also have a sink and a window and a desk.

One of the greatest gifts of teaching is the heart felt gifts that students give to me.  Often there is no money given.  One of my 1st graders from Meadow Lane was really sad that I was leaving, he is sensitive child who loves life and people, he gave me a going away rock.  He had found it at recess and had it in his pocket.  A hug was not enough, so he had me take this very special rock he had found.

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