Herd Huddles

This is take two, yesterday I had started this blog post and somehow I lost it, Grrr. Now I have the opportunity to write it again and it should be even better.

Every Wednesday morning at Brownell we have the opportunity to gather with coworkers to share something we are hopeful for and something we are grateful for. Since we started this in January it has been a gentle reminder that with all the stress and struggle we do have many things to be thankful for and we need to take time to reflect that we do have many blessings even though life may be crazy around us.  Yesterday I was grateful that I  have had the opportunity to work with most of my Brownell students for another year,  I have seen some incredible growth already this year and the consistency of having the same ELL teacher has paid off.  I am especially thankful that I already know my students so I’m am able to focus much of my energy on learning the new  Wonders EL curriculum so my students can be even more successful.

To go along with reflecting on our Herd Huddle questions,  I had a friend share that the word struggle should be replaced with blessing when there are challenges.  Since I have the pleasure of having two teenagers and a toddler at home instead of saying “I am struggling with my teens”, I am now thinking “It is a blessing that I have two teens.”  The power of optimism is such a great way to change a struggle into a blessing.   This is a valuable life lesson for myself and for my students.

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