Technology Conference

As a part of our Building staff development many of the staff at Brownell attended a half day session at North Star to learn about different  uses of technology.  My 2 favorite sessions were about connection writing and technology and how to use Google Drawing.

In the onnecting writing and technology session we were introduced to Google Drawing as a tool that we can use to enhance our writing and our students writing.  As a part of  pre- writing we can use Google drawing to make digital templates.  In drafting if we make changes with different colors, typing could be faster than handwriting as the students get better at typing.   In revising, highlight and add a comment editing and publishing.  An important consideration for using Chrome Books is it going to enhance our teaching, what benefits will using technology help or hinder the writing process?  A bonus of using the computer in the writing process that as the students types and creates their writing, it may be a shorter process to have a final product to publish.

hand map for writing This could be sent to the students for them to brainstorm ideas through Google classroom A benefit that I have found using Google classroom is that papers or stories cannot be lost, they can be erased but not lost.

Another feature in using technology is using word cloud in Google Doc to help show the students and teacher what words are used or overused.Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.50.19 PM

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