Summer has begun and so has summer learning

School got out on a Friday, a weekend of camping flew by. Monday was filled with errands and on Tuesday I was back at school for CSI- Continuous School Improvement.   It was a time we were able to reflect on our successes for the year.  And I think I have one of my goals already figured out for next year with my ELL students.  Drum roll…..   Reading Fluency because  of the work that our LPS Reading Liaisons completed  this past year.  Some of he ELL students that I have been working with  and who I have the most concerns about are going into 4th and 5th grades and are reading at the 1st grade level, so I am really excited to take my reading to the next level in data collection.   Guided reading with Jan Richardson has helped us to get this far, but now we need to make the leap from learning to read to reading to learn.


Then on Wednesday I attended our yearly Multicultural Leadership Institute.  Our keynote speaker was Jessie Myles, the Coordinator of Diversity/ At Risk Programs at the Midwest Equity Assistance Center in Manhattan, Kansas.



To end our discussion we were able to listen Rita Pierson and her TED talk about the importance of relationships.  One of her stories she shared was that she had a very low class so she told her class “they were chosen to be in my room and  you were the best students and I was the best teacher. I am somebody… ” This totally tied in with our CSI conversation we had the day before.  Angie, our new coordinator shared that when she was the Dif teacher, she also pulled some literacy support students and the because she pulled the highest and low performing students and the the lower students performed even better becuase they got to go with the Dif teacher as well.   WE should have the same teacher pull the

http://Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

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