Eric Jensen

On June 9th and 10th, I had the opportunity to attend a conference led by Eric Jensen.  I was inspired to attend because I had co workers who attended his workshop in Texas and we have done all school  book studies of 2 of his books.

There was a great deal of new and review material to think about.

Some highlights for me  are

DNA is not your Destiny! Smart teaching changes brains.

Build Working Memory- with both sounds or pictures

  3 great climate builders 


2.Mindset of Growth and Feedback,

3. Engagement

The 5 Questions to reflect on daily to  help with Daily Mindset changes

1.  How did I foster optimism and gratitude today? Was it my best effort?

2.  In what ways did I make this relevant? ( for me, our staff and students)

3.  How well did I manage my stress today?

4.  How was I fully engaged in helping each student (or staff) succeed?

5.  Identify How I grew and got better today. (personally and professionally)

Instead of calling students, students call them scholars

Instead of calling teachers, teachers call them change agents.

Older students mentor younger students.

Relationships matter!

Student expectations have a huge effect size of 1.44

S- E- A Strategy- Effort- Attitude  effect size of .74  add Attribution Training: Linking success to particular factor 1.42 effect size.




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