Bilingual Liaison Roles Lincoln Public Schools – ELL Program

  • I started this post  many years ago and it needs to be published.

As we are getting back to school and classroom teachers are looking over class lists and wait, the parents of my student does not speak English. What can I do, I can’t speak their language.

Bilingual Liaison Roles
Lincoln Public Schools – ELL Program

1. To help the non-English speaking, particularly, refugee/immigrant parents learn more about the schools their children attend. This includes school procedures, student rights and responsibilities, making ELL home visits in cooperation with the Family Specialists, and parent/teacher conferences or phone contacts by request of school staff.

2. To assist the staff of Student Services to set up a conference with parents in cases where an ELL student is being referred to the District Office for a higher recommendation of discipline action such as long term suspension or expulsion.

3. To help schools’ attendance office on a regular basis, contact ELL parents to ensure their students’ absences are reasonable.

4. To help school counselors contact ELL students, locate needed information, make decisions about career education and help students apply for college, scholarships and employment according to their skills and interests.

5. To help students, parents and school staff increase their understanding of different ways to learn English as a Second Language, understand cultural expectations, and respect cultural differences. Resources also to be considered are a quarterly ELL Newsletter and cultural presentations.

6. To assist the ELL office staff during the enrollment period of each school year by working to solve problems of schools, parents and students.

7. To help translate school information, both verbal interpretations and written documents in cooperation with the on-call translators and interpreters in different languages to ensure quality communication between home and school.

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