Happy new school year and ELL changes

Welcome Back to school  2015-2016.

Open Houses at both Brownell and Meadow Lane were successful last night!!

This year the big change in ELL is that we are now using 10 Standards for reporting progress based on the Common Core for our ELL students instead of our old rubric checklists.

The 10 standards are based on receptive, productive and interactive modalities of ELP  (English Language Proficiency).     The receptive modality includes the domains of listening and reading.  The productive modality includes the domains of speaking and writing and the interactive modality includes all 4 domains.  The standards are consistent K-12, however the expectations will vary at each grade level and each grade level has 5 levels of proficiency.

Standard 1  An ELL can construct meaning for oral presentations and literary and informational text through grade appropriate listening, reading and viewing.

Standard 2  An ELL can participate in grade-appropriate oral and written exchanges of information, ideas and analyses, responding to peer, audience, or reader comments and questions.

Standard 3 An ELL can speak and write about grade- appropriate complex literary and informational texts and topics.

Standard 4  An ELL can construct grade-appropriate oral and written claims and support them with reasoning and evidence.

Standard 5 An ELL can conduct research and evaluate and communicate findings to answer questions or solve problems.

Standard 6  An ELL can analyze and critique the arguments of others orally and in writing.

Standard 7  An ELL can adapt language choices to purpose, task, and audience when speaking and writing.

Standard 8  An ELL can determine the meaning of words and phrases in oral presentations and literary and informational text.

*Standard 9  An ELL can  identify evidence and make judgments.

*This is not a separate graded area on the report card.

Standard 10  An ELL can make accurate use of standard English to communicate in grade-appropriate speech and writing.


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