NeSA rap for Brownell

My 4th grade ELL students were a little nervous about taking the NeSA writing testing test so I showed them  NeSA rap that I had done several years ago.  By the first 15 seconds their stress level had gone down and they were smiling and happy and relaxed.

Here is my Brownell version of the NeSA rap.

 You will rock the NeSA Brownell Buffaloes, click here to see the rap

Here are the words to the Brownell NeSA rap.  The NeSA Rap-Brownell

I also  have the ELDA rap for my ELL students, they have the honor of double testing since they are also learning English.

So I used parts of the NeSA Rap created by our LPS Reading liaisons and make an ELDA version.  It is not perfect but hopefully it will motivate our ELL students to try their best and let them know that we really do care about them, even though they have to take another test.

Click here to watch the ELDA rap.

Here are the words to the Rap!  The ELDA Rap

I would love any suggestions to make it better:)

Thank you!!



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