Audition Information

All students wishing to audition for Jazz Ensemble I will go through the following procedure.

Audition Instructions for Jazz Ensemble I

First – click here to sign up for an audition spot

Trumpets, Saxophones, Trombones

    • Be prepared to play one or two major scales, as well as the chromatic scale
    • Have something prepared to play (your choice) which can be from
      an etude book, your band folder, solo repertoire, etc.  This
      should not be long – 16 to 32 bars is fine.  It is helpful if
      there is some contrast in style.
    • Prepare the required audition music (download by clicking on the link below for the student’s instrument).
    • Improvise to the Bb blues – using the accompaniment you may download below.
    • Sight Reading

Bass, Piano, and Guitar


    • Be prepared to play the four styles listed on the style sheet (download below)
    • Be prepared to trade 4s (follow instructions on the sheet)
    • Be prepared to play the excerpt (download below)
    • Sight Reading

Click here to download the style sheet

Click download the excerpt