Cleaning a Brass Instrument

Note – this information is primarily for trumpet players.

How to give a brass instrument a bath:

1. Fill the bath tub with lukewarm water.
2. Remove valves and slides.
3. Put horn and slides in bath tub. (Do not put valves in bath tub.)
4. Use a cleaning snake to clean out the inside of the horn and slides.
5. Use the valve brush to clean out the valve casings.
6. Take valves and swirl them around in the water in the bath tub, but don’t get the felts and pads wet.
7. Rinse the horn, slides, and valves in cool clear water. Again, don’t get the felts or pads on the valves wet.
8. Dry the horn and slides with a towel.
9. Put slide grease on tuning slides.
10. Use a hankerchief or other soft cloth and run it through the valve casings and valve holes to dry them out.
11. Oil valves and put them back in the valve casings.
12. Clean the bath tub.
13. Play your nice clean horn!

Supplies :

Cleaning Snake
Valve Brush
Mouthpiece Brush
Valve Oil