Rhonda True, Principal

Welcome to the Pershing Elementary School website.  Our mission is to build a community by working together in partnerships with families and community members to educate life-long learners.  As a Community Learning School, Pershing strives to be involved in our students’ lives by providing extra learning opportunities, family activities, and community resources. Pershing partners with the YMCA to provide before and after school programming to meet the care and academic needs of students and families. The Pershing Parent Teacher Organization (PPTO) is a group of committed parents and staff who enhance this sense of community and learning through the many activities they plan for the year.

Pershing, named for the late General John J. Pershing, was built in 1955 to address the growing needs of the community of Lincoln.  Additions to the original structure were made in 1957, and a gymnasium added in 1999. Major remodeling was completed during 2007-2008 that reconfigured instructional space and added air-conditioning.

Pershing is located in the Havelock neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska and serves about 400 pre-school through 5th grade students who come from racially diverse backgrounds and represent a variety of economic realities.  It is a Title I building with 65% of our students qualifying for free and reduced pricing on school lunch. There are three sections in each grade level with the exception of four first grade sections and two fifth grade sections. All staff works closely with the administrative team to provide focused instruction as we implement a rigorous academic program across every grade level. Specialists serve Pershing students in Music, PE, and Art, while teachers deliver collaborative instruction with a Media and Computer specialist.  Our first priority is to ensure that every child achieves academically and believes that they are a successful learner.

At Pershing, we provide a safe, orderly, respectful environment, which promotes high levels of student engagement and performance. Honoring the diversity and unique strengths and talents of each student guides our planning for individual success. There are two guiding principles for acceptable behavior: first, it is never okay to be hurtful; and second, it is never okay to be disruptive. We strive to implement common expectations across all programming, beginning with before school childcare and ending with after school childcare, clubs, and activities.

We invite you to become an active, collaborative partner in the Pershing School Community.   Together, we make a difference!

Rhonda True
Principal- Pershing Elementary