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Monday, March 23 – Friday, April 3

I hope all of you are safe and well. Remote teaching/learning is a POOR substitute for seeing all your smiling, eager-to-learn faces!

Below is a list of OPTIONAL review content and essential questions, including a link to read, for the next several days:

  • What was the significance of African civilizations during the Medieval period?
  • How did Africa contribute to the global trade network?

Answer the essential questions below associated with each lesson:

  • Lesson 11 – What was the most significant factor in the development of early societies in West Africa?
  • Lesson 12 – To what extent did trans-Saharan trade lead to Ghana’s wealth and success?
  • Lesson 13 – In what ways did Islam influence West African society?
  • Investigating Primary Sources – What does Ibn Battuta’s writing reveal about Islam in Medieval Mali?
  • Lesson 14 – In what ways do the cultural achievements of West Africa influence our culture today?

Concluding Question –  How did Africa change during the Middle Ages?

Reading link.

Questions and Terms Review

Complete one or more of the following sections you have studied this year.  You may make a copy of this document and type your answers, print the document, or write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.  Use one or more of the following to help you:

  • Class notes and assignments
  • Library Media Databases

Questions and Terms Review

Remember, all of this review content is OPTIONAL.

Please e-mail me at if you have questions.

Be well!

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