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Friday, September 13

What is an empire?

Warm Up: Share your completed Habits of Mind formative assessment from yesterday with your table partner.

Then add your  Habits of Mind formative assessment from yesterday to p. 19 of your notebook. WITH a hinge.

Class Work: Please describe what an empire is on p. 20 of your notebook.

Please add the following definition to p. 20 of your notebook:

empire – a group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful sovereign or government: usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom, as the former British Empire, French Empire, Russian Empire, Byzantine Empire, or Roman Empire.

Abbreviations Used in Dates (notes, notebook, p. 20):

  • c. = circa (Latin), approximately or about the time of
  • BC = Before Christ. Years are designated as before the birth of Christ. (Christian calendar concept)

  • AD = Anno Domini (Latin), “In the year of the Lord”. Years are designated as after the birth of Christ. (Christian calendar concept)

  • BCE = Before Christian/Common/Current Era

  • CE = Christian/Common/Current Era

Classical Empire Notes:

  • Empires are a group of countries or regions that are controlled by one ruler, often an emperor.
  • Allegiance to the empire

  • A successful military

  • Provides for the people of the empire, including safety at the border

  • (Often) flourishing arts, philosophy, religion and writing

  • Functioning government, example: collecting taxes

  • Urban areas like markets (agoras), public baths, worship spaces

  • Routes of trade, by land or sea

Describe each story you hear about on today’s CNN 10 in a sentence on p. 14 of your notebook.

Have a weekend! And GBR!!!

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