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Wednesday, February 13

Today’s Learning: How did the Mongols create an empire?

Warm Up: On p. 25 of your notebook, please write one word that you think best describes the Mongols (other than ANY form of the word “Mongols”). Then write two to three sentences explaining why you chose that word and how it applies to the Mongols.

Class Work: Share your warm up response with your table partner.

What are the most important factors in conquering and creating a successful empire? Please list THREE factors you think are important in conquering and creating an empire in the box on the Preview activity in front of you. Discuss as a class.

Please close read – underline, highlight, annotate – Background Reading/Timeline: How did the Mongols create an empire?quietly and independently.

Then write three things you learned from the reading on the 3×3 matrix – one item per square – on the back of the preview activity we worked on earlier.

Share One, Get One Activity. When you have your matrix complete, please read all nine items and then write a one-sentence summary of the Background Reading below the matrix on the back of the Preview activity.

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