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Monday, February 4

Today’s Learning: How did Africa contribute to Afroeurasia trade?

Warm Up: Please use the article titled Trans-Saharan Trade you close read Friday to help you respond to the comprehension questions on the table in front of you quietly and independently.

Class Work: Share your warm up responses with your assigned travel partner.

What is Currency? Notes, notebook p. 18.

Respond to the question, How did Mansa Musa contribute to Afroeurasian trade? on p. 19 as we view Mansa Musa and Islam in Africa.

Study this primary document about Mansa Musa. Explain what this image from the Catalan Atlas can tell us about Mansa Musa and Afroeurasian trade using this photoanalysis worksheet.

Standards 5.3/5.4 Quiz, Thursday, February 8.

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