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Friday, February 1

Today’s Learning: How did Africa contribute to global trade?

Warm Up: Imagine you won $100 million dollars today. What is the FIRST thing you would do with your new-found wealth? Please respond to this scenario on p. 17 of your notebook quietly and independently.

Class Work: Standard 5.4 Wealth presentation/discussion.

Close read – underline, highlight, annotate – Trans-Saharan TradeThen compare Trans-Saharan trade with other trade routes we’ve studied. In what ways were Trans-Saharan trade methods, locations, goods, ideas, etc., alike and different. Write your response on p. 4 of the article.

Use the article titled Trans-Saharan Trade you close read to help you respond to the comprehension questions quietly and independently.

Describe the stories you hear on today’s CNN 10 on p. 14 of your notebook.

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