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Monday, January 7

Today’s Learning: Describe the feudal system of the European Middle Ages.

Warm Up: Please remove the sources we’ve used to study the Middle Ages in Europe (People of the Feudal System Notes, p. 76 and Feudal System Chart, p. 77) from your notebook. We’re going to organize a new Social Studies notebook for 2nd Semester.

Class Work: Second Semester Social Studies Notebook organization. Remove the self portrait you created First Semester and attach it to the first sheet of notebook paper in your new notebook in the same spot.

New Afroeurasia TourWhen it is completed, please attach it to p. 1, the FIRST page after p. vi of your Table of Contents. This should be on the right-hand side of your notebook. Then attach People of the Feudal System Notes (p. 76 of your old notebook) to p. 2 and Feudal System Chart/Notes (p. 77) to p. 3.

Respond to the questions on the Life in the Middle Ages: The Serf video guide as we view the video of the same title.



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