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Friday, February 16

Today’s Learning: How did the Mongols create an empire?

Warm Up: Please complete your first read of Document B and complete the associated First Read activity on the Document Chart: How did the Mongols create an account empire? on the table in front of you.

Class Work: 

  • 1st Read
    • Write down two things you know for sure about the Mongols based on this document
  • 2nd Read
    • Respond to the Second Read questions
    • Find a partner: Stand up and hold up 2 fingers
    • Share 2 things you wrote down with your partner
  • 3rd Read
    • Follow the Third Read directions
    • Mark evidence for villains (-) or cultural brokers (+)
    • Find a different partner: Stand up and hold up 3 fingers. Share the evidence you cited.

Please title p. 20 of your Social Studies notebook, Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire and create the Cornell Note-Taking format there.

Then take notes in the “field” (Step 2) on p. 20 as you view the video of the same title.

Describe the stories you hear on today’s CNN 10 in a sentence each on p. 21 of your notebook.


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