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Thursday, February 1

Today’s Learning: How did ancient China contribute to global trade?

Warm Up: Please open your notebook to p. 10 so we’re ready to continue with Stump the Champ questions for China: Dynasties of Power we began yesterday.

Class Work: Finish viewing China: Dynasties of Power with Stump the Champ questions, p. 10.

Please use the atlas on your table to help you locate and label the following cities on your Afroeurasian Trade Map:

  • Baghdad (p. 152, NDA; p. 86, NWA)
  • Beijing (p. 153, NDA; p. 86 NWA)
  • Mumbai (p. 152, NDA; p. 86, NWA)
  • Kashi (p. 168, NDA)/Kashgar

On the Afroeurasian Trade Chart, for “Goods Produced” and “Asia”, write:

  • Silk
  • Gunpowder
  • Cotton
  • Spices
  • Livestock

In the box on the chart for “Trade Routes” and “Asia”, write:

  • Beijing to Kashgar (land)
  • Kashgar to Baghdad (land)
  • Beijing to Mumbai (sea)
  • Kashgar to Constantinople (land)

Then, use a colored pencil to trace those routes, using dashed green lines for land routes and solid blue lines for sea routes.


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